sheer cold move for my glaceon

i really want my glaceon to be able to learn sheer cold. is there anyway that is possible soon? maybe the next update? it looks like sheer cold isn't implemented yet, even though it is a move from ruby and sapphire. just wondering. thanks again for your time and effort with me. as always this game is the best


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I see that it is implemented but glaceon is not supposed to learn it and it is not even a TM.
not every day a content developer has time to talk, thanks for your time. is there any special event that we can manage to create to teach my glaceon sheer cold, or just a event that makes pokemon learn random and or specific moves. for example in the anime ash and his pokemon go to a tribe in pokemon sun and moon where there is an event going on in which a tribe leader is putting a fire crown or bestowing a fire crown on fire pokemon who then learn a new move of fire type. if we could implement that, that would be incredible. maybe make a new room or something similar where there is the tribe leader from sun and moon I think her name was Olivia or something like that is bestowing crowns. but anyway we could have a new room for the implementing of new moves for pokemon who can't learn them because the game would become luttered with tms