Game Pokémon 3D Version Indev 0.54.2


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Hello community,

We have decided it was time to release another minor update in order to fix several bugs that were still present in v0.54.1. Some of these bugs had the chance to disrupt the player's experience in a serious way and were worth a quick patch instead of waiting for the still upcoming next major release.
So here are the changes we made in this version:

- Fixed fast graphics floor tiles inside the underwater cave.
- Fixed all issues regarding the Backup Save Feature. Disabled it by default.
- Hopefully fixed some performance issues regarding offset maps
- Fixed Pain Split being considered an HM
- Fixed Focus Blast accuracy and category
- Fixed Autotomize name
- Fixed EV gain algorithm
- Fixed Sky Attack missing flinch chance
- Fixed Power Swap wrong target
- Fixed badge display in trainer card
- Fixed Fake Out flinch conditions in PvE
- Added support for .ogg music files
- Added engine support for all remaining pokemon alternate forms
- Fixed most interactions with King's Rock in battle
- Fixed Aegislash losing Stance Change permanently under certain conditions
- Fixed serious performance issues on rendering models in the PC pokemon storage

- Fixed an exploit in the E4 maps that allowed the player to get by without battling
- Fixed Old man script in Five Island
- Adjusted the prices in the frontier shop
- Fixed typo in the dialogue of some NPC in Six Island pokecenter
- Fixed a typo in the kitchen script in the player's house
- Fixed Lilligant , Delphox and Greninja data files
- Added several sprites mostly made and/or edited by OmegaGhost

We are currently looking forward on bringing up the next major release of the game very soon, which will feature bigger improvements and more storyline for you guys to enjoy (Maybe Mt. Silver?) so stay tuned :D

//The P3D Team