A very bad ultimatum.

When should I get the Switch?

  • Wait till Black Friday and get it for a low price. (Waste time)

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Recently, the Nintendo Switch was officially out and people started getting one left and right. Especially here in New York where the Nintendo NY store was jam-packed with people. I couldn't get one at the day of release nor could I pre-order one and it's for three reasons.
  1. Time between Switch official release and my birthday(April 9).
  2. Money(since the Switch is $300.00 and that I also plan getting BOTW and a carrying case along with few other peripherals and of course Platinum and HeartGold for my NEW 3DS if possible)
  3. The Mighty PC Master Race that has virtually no competition.
After looking up the price for the Pokémon games on Amazon, the estimated price for both games together is $130.00. Which means that if I get it with the Switch, I spend and waste more money than usual. And that is not efficient. I also thought about getting the Switch for Black Friday 2017 but it would waste a ton of time. Which, again, is not efficient. What do y'all think? Should I risk it and get the Switch for my birthday and waste more money or wait till Black Friday to get the Switch(without the Gen IV games since I would've already had them post-birthday) and waste precious time? Make your decision now. You have until April Fools Day. May the best efficiency win!


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Dude, atleast your country sells for original price, mine should sell maximum for 330€, but instead rips us and asks 385€...


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According to a fellow Twitter person whom I follow,

Along with the recent Switch: Work or No Work Scandal, It seems that we should ONLY get Switchs that are from trusted retailers and also not production-rushed. Take note and get more people to take this poll for keepsakes!