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Download here!
OpenAL is now required to play the game:

After more than three months working on it and almost two years since the last major Pokémon3D update, we, the Pokémon3D Team, proudly announce the release of Pokémon3D Indev 0.54!

Here is an abridged list of what has been changed:

You can now choose which Pokémon to switch in after one of yours faints
Mega Evolution system (requires a Mega Ring which is currently unavailable)
Roaming Pokémon indicators on the world map
Several new Attacks, Pokémon, Abilities, and Items
Upgraded the battle system to Generation 6 mechanics
Several new map and script features
Ctrl + X = Cut in the chat
Fixezzzz fo dayzzzzz brah!

Complete Five Island
Six Island Town
A new Pokémon3D-Original area!!
The end of the Rival story arc
Elite Four power ups
Various new Items and Pokémon are available

You can find the full (highly detailed) change-log here.

also OpenAL is now required to play the game:
We really hope you enjoy the update, and we will be working on more updates to be released in the future.

- Darkfire

//The Pokémon3D Team
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Shou Liengod

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Music going from WMA to OGG was a surprise..
but it does reduce the File size drastically, so good on you.


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my song files are litterally WMA... > ->
always have been WMA for the longest time.

and now im trying to convert my songs into Monogame's XNB and having issue with it...
Speaking of which, you might want your tracks to meet two conditions:
- Their duration should be a multiple of 0.5 seconds
- They need to have +1 second of silence at the end (which will be ignored)
This is an issue caused by monogame when handling music loops, and we can just hope it will be resolved soon.


A general note: XNA content packs are generally not compatible with MonoGame content packs.

So it is good to specify which version you are building against.

A faster MonoGame build tool is coming in resource section. The default one is super slow.


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Sorry guys, I left the dev team because I knew little but not enough to model.
But this is awesome! Keep it up (^-^)9, i'll continue finding bugs and updating my texture pack, it's the last i can do.