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Greetings, community.

Now that enough trainers have been found, let PvP contests be brought back into the server!

The most skilled players sighted in the AGN P3D Server and in the upcoming AGN Pokemon League have been selected to participate into this top tier tournament, for the sake of competition... for the very sake of CHALLENGE!!

The Rules about this tournament, while being only a few, shall be respected and no exceptions will be made:
  • The following moves are banned: Minimize, Double Team, Beat Up, Fissure, Guillotine, Sheer Cold, Horn Drill.
  • All matches shall be played in the AGN P3D Server.
  • Matches consist of "Best of Three" playoffs between two participants (which means they battle till one of them has won twice). Semifinals and Finals are "Best-of-Five".
  • The player who sends the battle request should be using the patched version of P3D, which can be found here.
Main Challengers list:
  • Blurgaro
  • mailsurorop
  • Musano
  • Falkner
  • -N-
  • PersuerNL
  • A9_R
  • biggda76
The tournament is scheduled for this Saturday (27/08/2016) at 15:00 UTC, and will continue over Sunday and Monday.

The following list belongs to the players that will be included into the tournament in their place in case one of the main challengers are not present when the Tournament starts. Slots will be selected in the same order of this list. If you want to be added to this list, feel free to leave a comment on this thread!
  1. veeravivek
  2. The-Best-Ever
  3. epicdynasty
  4. Onion.
Prizes will be given to the top three of this tournament, all of them will consist on pokemon that are not obtainable and/or with very valuable assets!

Tournament Progress:


First place

Second place

Third place

----------------------------- Thanks to everyone for participating in this tournament! -----------------------------
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Just a quick note that while Pokemon 3D Patch version 8 is still on its way, for any game crashes, please make a copy of the backup folder somewhere and delete it from the original location to revert any save feature.

(You are advised to do so before relaunching the game so that recovery of lost save is possible with the unencrypted files.)