Other Development for a Mod Installer for the Official Launcher

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So, my code is going to be used in the official launcher, so to keep you updated, here's what I've got so far:

PLEASE NOTE this program does not actually launch the game, the launch game code is owned by nilllzz, and I'm not allowed to use or modify it.

Only when this code gets implemented into the official launcher will it be able to launch the game, which is not mine, and you will not be able to get from me as this is just features and parts of the official launcher, not the whole thing.

  • Mod Downloading
  • Mod Installing
  • Game Updater

Needs Work:
  • Mod Interface
  • Overall Interface(Barely needs work)
  • Mod Installing Mechanics

Not Done:
  • Mod Creator(WIP)
  • Mod Uninstalling
  • Mod Updating
  • Import Mod Feature

If you would like to be a beta-tester, please request below.
If you would like your mod to be added to the list please request below.

Update 1:
  • Version display added
  • Improved interface.
Update 2:
  • Completely changed interface, for the new features to be implemented.

Screenshots coming soon.
Not open for further replies.