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I have been secretly working on a personal server client that I could add more features on it so that I could make a better offline server friendly. This project had became possible when I am able to add a server ping checker on my resource manager.

This personal client is intended to simulate the same feature the original one had but changed a few things so that one could create a server they wanted to.

Possible changes / additions:
1. Letting a server that allows offline players to have two players with same name but one player must be offline and the other is a online player.

2. Able to ban / ip ban a player and set the reason and duration.

3. Able to do a server restart automatically with a timer. It will warn player in advance when it is about to happen.

4. Able to have a fair PvP matchups. Admin can allow and disallow offline vs online matches.

6. Able to change the server seasons and weather and the time :p

7. PM function have changed a little.
If both online and offline player of the selected name is on the server, pm will only send to the online player. To pm offline player if the above happens, there is another command to do so.

8. Server command help. :) use " /help " or " /? "

9. Operator now have permission levels. Instead of all operator to have same permission to let the use any of the commands, they can be limited so that... " /close or /restart " would not be an issue :) haha

10. Mute players will receive a friendly mute time left if they are muted for a reason.

11. Kids friendly server: this feature censor swearing words away. If misused, a mute will be issued so that the player could learn his lesson. ( it will only detect common swearing words. ) - can be enabled or disabled.

12. Able to differentiate between online and offline player when they join and left. :p

13. Afk? You will be kicked out if you afk too long. The timer will start only when you start afk or do not move at all. It resets everytime you went active. ( Using Poké gear features contributed to the afk. :) )

14. Able to kick a player out with a reason.

15. More commands :) ( Example: requesting where a player is at. )

16. Server client now generate the public ip for you :) No need to add the ip to the server property at all.

17. Server client itself have its auto updater. It is similar to my resource manager :) This is only used when I fix something or I could support new version of P3D.

To sum it up, I have named it "non-vanilla" server client due to its nature of being too fancy. Not all feature will be added in the final build if it impose security risks or rule breaking. Everything will be still fair play. No trading of offline to online will be allowed.

SViper server would be the first to have this beta test.


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Yes, as jian said thanks to he's server client my server will be back for vengeance. It will have modified weather, server time and seasons will be based on (real) world time.:)
So I hope thanks to this finally jian will become staff member, because of this @nilllzz would may have more free time on he's hands.;):)
BTW people in mean time go to main thread of server to choose new Welcome message and Moto, because I forgot old ones.:):D
So warning to all servers: get ready to get wracked by server which one is not running 24/7.:p
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We are expecting a server test using SViper computer soon.

To make admin of the server able to manage the server in depth, I have added detailed log of every action taken like which OP used the command and what are the people PMing about and all sorts of stuff.

I have also added a debugger inside which write down all of the server data to see what is causing the server to slow down. ( To prevent futher lag, the debugger can only update every 100ms. Same goes to normal chats from the server. )

PM system is done. ( Not tested for conflict of names. )
Whitelist / Blacklist / IP Blacklist / Mute are all done.
Chat system done. ( Except for non swearing filter )
Basically Basic features are done.
• No Command added yet except PM.
• No PvP or Trades added yet
• No automatic restarts implemented yet.

Server can now define weather and season based on different factor. You could now choose Random or P3D default or Fixed weather and season or ultimately custom.

There could be a possibility that a remote control system be added that allows certain players to control the server remotely.