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Implemented Give Magmortar back it's Solar beam.


I was creating my team, including a Magmortar. I looked up the moves it can learn and wanted to go for the Sunny Day and Solarbeam combo. When I got my Magmortar and try to learn him the TM22, the game spoke to me and said it couldn't learn Solarbeam. I checked again and checked even more, but the pokedex deffinetly says that it should be able to learn it.
What I expected to happen:
... That i could teach the TM to Magmortar

What actually happened:
...It couldn't learn it.

Steps to reproduce:
1. ...Try to use the TM22 to Magmortar

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I can confirm it being missing in the TM data sheet, not sure why tho (could be intentional)
TM22/ Move ID: 76/ Magmortar ID: 467

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