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  1. Tornado9797

    Game Another preview screenshot leading up to 0.55

    We are working hard on finishing the game for the release of 0.55 with new locations and events. In the meantime, here is another small preview screenshot of what’s to come:
  2. Tornado9797

    Game The Official Pokemon3D Server is back!

    By: @Capt_Segis We, the P3D Team are proud to announce that our long gone Official P3D Server has just been brought back, for you guys to enjoy! Now using a new server application (created and actively developed by our staff member Aragas), the server has increased performance, with most old...
  3. Tornado9797

    Crash [Indev 0.54.1] Global Trade Station Name Retrieval Crash

    While trying to send a winner from my lottery their reward, my game began doing strange things when the friend list came up. This crash is very inconsistent and my depend on the server and/or user connection. What I expected to happen: For the game to successfully retrieve all of the names...
  4. Tornado9797

    Wiki Registration has been Re-Opened!

    After careful consideration, we have decided to re-open registration for the Wiki. In order to help build the Wiki, a user must be registered in order to make edits. If you decide to register, then please help us keep all of the information on the Wiki up-to-date. If you ever feel that...
  5. Tornado9797

    Skins Megathread

    I have decided to make a thread for making/sharing skins to use with the game. Skins can be uploaded to this site to be used online: An in-depth guide on making your own skin can be found here: If any skins are added to...
  6. Tornado9797

    Website Official Discord Server for Pokémon 3D

    About time! We have just created an official Discord server for Pokémon 3D. Feel free to use and distribute, but please don't forget to review the rules of the server before participating:
  7. Tornado9797

    Confirmed [PSA] [Indev 0.54.1] Battle Spot can ERASE your Party! READ THIS BEFORE USING BATTLE SPOT

    For the most part, Battle Spot works completely as intended, however, there are a few issues that still need to be ironed out. Before participating in anything related to Battle Spot, SAVE YOUR GAME! Trust me, you'll thank me later. The problem this thread is addressing in particular happens...
  8. Tornado9797

    Game Pokémon 3D Version Indev 0.54.1

    Pokémon 3D Indev 0.54.1 is now live! The Spring Cleaning Update is here! Although there isn't anything new plot wise in this version, we took it upon ourselves to smash some of the long standing bugs with the game, alongside several other minor improvements for better gameplay. You can get...
  9. Tornado9797

    Finished [Pokémon 3D] Tornado9797's Pokémon Lottery II

    Link to the former lottery, to get an idea of what you're getting yourself into: Yep, you saw that right. I'm bringing the old lottery back! The only reason the last one ended was because my save file was bugged, preventing me from saving changes and...
  10. Tornado9797

    [IMPORTANT] Feature No Longer Present

    The Backup Files feature from Indev 0.49 is currently not in the game as of Indev 0.54. As such, this forum has entered a state of hibernation. Please do not post additional threads on this forum; they will be removed immediately. If you need help, please post in the Community Support forum...
  11. Tornado9797

    Important Online Skin Uploader Link

    The home page currently doesn't have the skin upload website listed. You can access the site and upload a skin for your Online GameJolt save here:
  12. Tornado9797

    The Literal Ban the user above you game

    What's so different about this thread as opposed to the other one? Well, when you ban the user above you in this thread, I use my powers to ban that user from replying under this thread! So, make your ban reasoning a good one, as you'll only be able to say it once before you get banned! If you...
  13. Tornado9797

    Fixed [Indev 0.53] "Point"less Hall of Fame Entry

    I deserve extra cookies for that pun. I am not entirely certain whether or not this is a bug or an unimplemented feature. For now though, I'll treat it as a bug. When you defeat the Pokémon League and enter the Hall of Fame, there seems to be a "Points" category that seems to be empty. If that...
  14. Tornado9797

    Fixed [Indev 0.53] Island Nanoboat

    On my way to visiting the islands I apparently cannot enter yet, I turned around to see someone decided to use a shrink ray on my boat. What I expected to happen: The boat to be a logical and reasonable size. What actually happened: I almost did not see the boat. Steps to reproduce: 1. Travel...
  15. Tornado9797

    Finished [Generation VI] Diancie

    What? Tornado made one of these threads? Ew... So for whatever reason I decided to hold off on the GameStop Diancie event. By the time I learned about the event, it was already a day late, and I had missed my chance. Knowing Nintendo, they will not likely give out another Diancie for another...