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  1. Tornado9797

    Outdated/Incomplete Wiki

    Creating wiki accounts was disabled due to the high influx of spam. I'll see if I can get Daniel to grant you wiki editing permissions.
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    Crash [Indev 0.54.2] Won't Start

    Are you sure that you have OpenAL installed? Crash log specifically mentions that one of the game's files is being used elsewhere. Be sure to close any text editor/other copies of the game before starting it up.
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    Totally Randomness

  4. Tornado9797

    Music Pack Pokemon Metal Pack

    Mega Evolution is already supported, but the item needed for using it is not implemented yet.
  5. Tornado9797

    Add and Delete PC Boxes

    New PC boxes are automatically added when each of the currently existing ones contains at least one Pokémon. You can also already name and change the background on a PC box by clicking on its name.
  6. Tornado9797

    Wild & Starter Pokemon Randomizer

    This tool is considered a GameMode, and GameModes as of the most recent version do not work properly.
  7. Tornado9797

    Crash Launch Crash V0.54.2

    This type of bug should be posted in the general Bugs forum. You likely forgot to install the software requirements for the game: OpenAL and .NET Framework. Without them, the game will crash before the title screen appears.
  8. Tornado9797

    Multiplayer EEVEE replaces sprites

    What you experienced is almost certainly the result of the ghosting bug; the Pokémon that follow other players have a small chance of randomly appearing elsewhere on your end. This won't happen if you play locally.
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    Crash Trying to play an older version, old launcher crashes.

    0.53.3 has different software requirements than the current version. XNA Framework 4.0 is needed.
  10. Tornado9797

    Crash Trying to play an older version, old launcher crashes.

    The UpToDown files were not provided by the developer team and are potentially malicious. We do not provide support for them, so use them with caution. If you're looking for an old version that we do support, you should be able to find Indev 0.53.3 on the bottom of the GitHub releases page. The...
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    Multiplayer EEVEE replaces sprites

    Were you on a server?
  12. Tornado9797

    My game is too slow

    The Options menu appears in-game after selecting a save file. Just use E to open the menu, and Options should be one of the options.
  13. Tornado9797

    Launcher doing weird things.

    Even if the launcher was fixed, it wouldn't help; the launcher is just a fancier way of running the same .exe file you've been trying for a while now.
  14. Tornado9797

    Launcher doing weird things.

    I'm offering suggestions, I don't have any conclusive solutions for you.
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    Launcher doing weird things.

    If it worked before on the same computer, but now it's no longer working, there's very little I can think of that would help. Restating your computer probably won't do much, but it wouldn't hurt to try. Maybe your graphic drivers need to be updated?
  16. Tornado9797

    Launcher doing weird things.

    In the Roaming folder, if there are folders for Kolben Games or P3D Team, delete them.
  17. Tornado9797

    Launcher doing weird things.

    AppData is a hidden folder in the user directory, you need to turn on hidden folders through a windows setting. ...I assume you're using Windows right? Windows 10?
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    Launcher doing weird things.

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    Launcher doing weird things.

    Aside from direct downloads, there could be things in the Roaming folder under Kolben Games and P3D Team. Language as in display (English, Spanish, etc.), there are a few languages with unsupported characters that cause a crash (most notably Turkish).
  20. Tornado9797

    Launcher doing weird things.

    When you went to get again, did you make sure to remove all of the other P3D content on your machine? There could be an overlap. Additionally, what is your computer's system language?