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  1. Lilligant

    So... Ummm...

    (Late Edit: Scroll to Post #4 for why username has changed.) Hey... It's been a while guys... (For any that do not know who I am, or was, in this community, long story short, I was the resident shitposter.) I don't know how long it's been, but it's great to see this game still being worked...
  2. Lilligant

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue Rescue Team Music Pack

    Pika has loved the soundtrack for PMD R/B Rescue Team, and would love to see it made into a resource pack here on Pokemon 3D. If anyone could get a hold of a LEGAL copy of the entire soundtrack and make it into a pack, link all the music to their respective battles (for example, the Rayquaza...
  3. Lilligant

    Pika, come on, you aren't even trying

    Then what are you? If you aren't a Pika, but you aren't a false Pika... then you must be... *pulls out calculator and smashes random numbers* 849 years old and wear a fish for underwear.
  4. Lilligant

    Wondermail thingy

    Pika has just come up with an idea. Maybe we could have a few special events where someone gives out a special code, and people type that in, and they get a special pokemon, item or something else, kinda like in PMD. It could be like Mystery Gift, but different and better. And the code will only...
  5. Lilligant

    I am pika and I do weird things

    Probably true.
  6. Lilligant

    Pokemon Theories

    Hi guys, Pika here, and Pika has come up with a new thread idea, Pokemon theories. This thread is a place where you can post your thoughts on the parts of Pokemon no one talks about. There are a few rules though. 1. They must be your own theories, not ones that people have done already. (This...
  7. Lilligant

    Farewell - A Pokemon tale

    While Pika was on holiday, Pika had an idea, and animation, based off the ending of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 (Time, Darkness and Sky). It will follow the story of Pika (Hooman) and Charz, (Best friend) after defeating Primal Dialga, Pika starts to glow, Charz asks what's wrong, Pika tells Charz...
  8. Lilligant

    Important Rules for posting.

    Before posting anything on the Off Topic threads, there are a few things you must know. Failure to comply with these rules will result in a warning or a ban if you a repeat offender. 1. No swearing. (Even if it is not directed at someone, you may never swear.) 2. No NSFW images. (No nudity or...
  9. Lilligant

    Pokemon X & Y chaining thread.

    Since nintendo are smart and put the Poké Radar back in, Pika has decided to do a chaining thread where anyhoman or pokémon can put down what shiny they want. Requirements: 1. Must have beaten the Champion at least once. 2. You must have the Poké radar. For example: Pokémon: Pawniard Location...
  10. Lilligant

    Are you getting Pokemon X or Y?

    Lets see which of the new Gen VI games is more popular, X or Y.
  11. Lilligant

    Pika draws:

    Pika is on holiday, and Pika needs something to do, so Pika will draw stuffz for all Pika's forum friends. If you want to send Pika a request, just post it below and Pika will do it. (Most of the time) Pika prefers to draw in Chibi, so be practical with your request. X)
  12. Lilligant

    I need your help...

    I have been planning something for a very long time, I am going to make a song. I currently have the basic 'outline' for the song and how it will sound, how long it will go for, what style of song it will be and the song title. But I do need a bit of help. I am looking for a girl with a good...
  13. Lilligant

    Pika's Avatar Studio

    Pika has recently discovered Pika's artistic side. So Pika want's to do something for the wonderful community here. For the 12 highest posting members, Pika will do a custom avatar for you. So if you fit this criteria, please post here with the picture you want put into your avatar. For example...
  14. Lilligant

    How to be awesome!

    This is Pika's somewhat simple and easy guide to being awesome. Just follow what Pika does and you'll be on your way to being awesome. Step 1: Sit on a mouldy carrot for exactly 5 years, you will be teleported to Equestria. Step 2: Eat a donut, a carp and a block of cheese in 3 seconds, no...
  15. Lilligant

    Problem with Gamejolt.

    I was trying to log into my Gamejolt, when this message came up. I have no idea what has happened, but I can't access any of my online saves.
  16. Lilligant

    GameMode Dratini's Soul [Canceled]

    Haydos709 submitted a new resource: Dratini's Soul (version 0.4) Read more about this resource...
  17. Lilligant

    How to add a Gamemode

    I have had a few people ask how to install Gamemodes and stuff, so here I am now. First, most people will have their mods in a zipped folder, extract it. Now you should have the file needed. Now, go into your Pokemon folder on your desktop, go into Gamemodes, it is the third folder down. Paste...
  18. Lilligant

    Who want's to play Co-op with Pika?

    Anyone wanna play with Pika?
  19. Lilligant

    What's your favourite convention? (Can be anything)

    For all you out there that don't know what Supanova is, it's Australia's biggest Anime, Gaming, Sci-fi convention. Today, I went to the one on the Gold Coast. It was sooooooooooooooo fun. I played Rock Band for the first ever time. I sung the vocals to Life is a Highway I bought a whole lot of...
  20. Lilligant

    Fixed Thunderwave does damage?

    I hve been trialling my mod (Dratini's Soul) and Dratini has Thunderwave. I used it on a Pidgey and it said it was Super Effective. Is this a bug or is Paralysis not fully implimented yet? Thanks.