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PkMn Fire Red/Leaf Green Games Music Pack

PkMn Fire Red/Leaf Green Games Music Pack 0.53.3 DOWNLOAD --->

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added vs_legendary ( entei ho-oh lugia raikou suicune)_battle and intro song
-General info:
-all citys finished, all battle songs finished, added 2 songs to listen the radio (recomendation: listen the radio ;) )
-Music Added:
alph, azalea, battlefactory, battletower, brain_battle, brain_battle_intro, brunedtower, champion_defeat, cherrygrove, dark_cave, diglettscave, dragonsden, ecruteak, elite_defeat, eusine_encounter, frontier, Goldenrod, Johto_champion, Johto_champion_intro, johto_elite, johto_elite_intro, johto_leader, johto_leader_intro, johto_rocket, johto_rocket_intro, johto_trainer, johto_trainer_intro, kvictoryroad, lavender, lobby, mart, mary_encounter, oak_encounter, oakslab, pokemon lullaby, pokemon_march (added as my favourite songs), RouteMusic4, RouteMusic1, sprout_tower, violet.
-Bugs Corrected:
corrected johto_rocket_encounter song.
-Pendent to Add:
-Music Added:
leader_defeat, nationalpark, johto_rocket_encounter, bugcontest, cerulean_cave, cerulean MusicRoute0, MusicRoute1, MusicRoute10, MusicRoute8, IlexForest,virdian_forest, vermilion, barktown, johto_rivalintro, johto_rival_encounter, johto_rival, rocket_broadcast.
-Bugs Corrected:
corrected 1 second delay in much WMA files.
deleted some of Daziman's songs.
-Pendent to add:
Locations, radio broadcasts and safari music.
enjoy :p
Music Added:
center, gym, gts, kanto_leader_intro, kanto_leader, johto_rivalintro, johto_rival_encounter, johto_rival, elmslab, surf, ride, trainer_defeat, wild_defeat, pokeflute, rHideout, show_me_around, ssaqua, evolution, trainer_encounter
Bugs corrected:
kanto_trainer and
_intro corrected.
Pendent to add:
vermilion and other places like forests and mt moon, leader_defeat, rocket_broadcast and rocket_encounter and routes.
Corrected kanto_trainer song errors
Some bugs and errors for the previous songs, corrected.