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Extended german translation 0.46

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Extended German Translation Token File for Version 0.46

the offered file is an extended token-file for the german translation. it is made to exchange the existing one in the .\content\localization\ -folder

actual state is for version 0.46 and is tested with this version.

following thing are changed/added:

*added all other translated pokemon-names, original includes only generation1 and 2
so the translated names raise up from 251 to 718.
(but think about that not all pokemons are included till now, thats only the translation if they will be added sometimes)

*added the translation from all possible places i could find till now, so the places that will be translated raise up from 35 to 122
(same here, some places arent available till now, its only the translation if they would)

*fixed some typos in the original token-file:

what is not changed:

*no new translation for battles, pokedex, stories, option menu and other buttons
this is caused by the change on newer battle system screen or pokedex in a former version and the needed tokens arent available for me till now.
maybe an dev will send them to me or they make available a newer english token file so i can translate them. my prior intention is not to translate the whole game but maybe there will be a way to make the buttons and menues available again like it was before.

how to install:

just copy the included "Tokens_de.dat" in your \content\localization\ -folder and overwrite the existing one.
think about that you have to copy it there every time you updated the game to a newer version, because an update resets it to the "old" standard version!
maybe the devs will be pleasant and put this file in the install file so it will be available all the time ;)
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