[0.47.2] Daziman's Epic HD Music Pack

[0.47.2] Daziman's Epic HD Music Pack [V2.01] for P3D [0.46.1+]

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This music pack replaces ALL the current music of Pokémon3D with reorchestrated and beautiful songs and sounds.

  • A complete new Orchestral Soundtrack, all in HD
  • Uses the ContentPack feature
  • Better Sounds
  • All the songs are replaced
The songs that I use are stolen from youtubers (like "PokeRemixStudio", "GRonnoc" or "Kamikadze333666") and from the Anime Soundtrack. I didn't make any song in this pack, but I edited every song of this pack to have good loops and intros.

Video Example:
Thanks to Tornado9797 for the video

Normal Version [V2.00]:
You need to unzip the .rar file in the "Pokemon/ContentPacks" folder.

Then, press the Pokeball button in the game's "Main Menu" and enable "DEHDMP".

Read this link for more information

Latest Version: Version 2.01 [0.46.1+] (166 MB) (The link is above)

Older versions:

  • 2.01: Added Route 1, Route 2, Viridian Forest and Dance of the Clefairy Songs.
  • V2.00: Added Cerulean, Cerulean Cave , Digglet's Cave, Kanto Leader, Kanto Trainer, Kanto Wild, Lobby, Radio PokéFlute, Rocket Broadcast, Routes 3-9 & 22, Routes 11-13, Routes 24 & 25 and Vermillion Song. Changed Hall of Fame and National Park Song.
  • V1.18: Added Radio Pokémon Lullaby, Radio Pokémon March, Radio Oak's Pokémon Talk, Radio Unown Interference, Game Corner and Evolution Song.
  • V1.17: Added Battle Tower, Battle Frontier, Battle Factory, Frontier Brain and PVP Songs. Fixed Champion Intro Song.
  • V1.16: Added Bug Catching Contest Song.
  • V1.15: Added GTS, S.S Aqua, Safari Zone and Safari Gate Song. Replaced Victory Road, Kimono, Vs. Rival and Vs. Rival intro song. Fixed Champion intro song.
  • V1.14: Added Champion Defeat, Elite Defeat, Eusine Encounter, Hall of Fame, Indigo Plateau, Vs. Champion, Champion Intro, Champion Defeat, Vs. Elite Four, Elite Intro, Elite Defeat, Victory Road, Mart Theme, Mary Encounter, Oak Encounter, Ride, Surf.
    All the song have their respective credits in the files now.
  • V1.13: Added Route 26 and 27 Song. Replaced Burned Tower, Cherrygrove, Dark Cave, Vs. Rocket, Rocket Intro, Leader Defeat, Route 38 and 39, Route 42,43,44 and Lake of Rage, Title Screen, Victory Vs. Trainer and Victory Vs. Wild Pokemon Song.V1.12: Added Route 47, Dragon's Den and Credits Song. Replaced Lake of Rage Song. Compatible with 0.35.
  • V1.12E: Added New Marts songs, Update Files, Added Route 27 Song. Fixed Ice Path and Lake of Rage songs. Compatible with version 1.35.
  • V1.11: Added Lake of Rage, Rocket Encounter and Rocket Hideout song. Expansion: Update files. Compatible with 0.32.
  • V1.10: Added National Park song. Expansion: Removed National Park song. Added Surf song on route 40 and 41. Compatible with version 0.31.1
  • Expansion Pack 1.9.3: Compatible with version 0.30
  • V1.9: Replace the "heal" sound to a shorter one. Added all the new songs of the version (Burned tower, Tin Tower, Ecruteak, Route 38, Dance Theater and Lighthouse). Expansion Pack: Update the map files, add the new Pokemarts. Compatible with versions 0.29 and 0.30
  • V1.8: Replace the "Item found" sound to a better one. Expansion Pack: Added National Park song and the Mart song (again). It replace some map files. Compatibility with version 0.28.2
  • V1.7: Added the Ruins of Alph (Inside) song. Compatible with 0.27.1
  • V1.6: Added 4 new sounds: Item get, Badge Get, Toss Pokeball and Pokemon Healing. Information in the ContentPack screen. Compatible with 0.26.1
  • V1.5: Changed: Vs. Johto Trainer, Vs. Rocket, Tittle Screen, Pokémon Center, Azalea and Dark Cave (Slowpoke Well). A little improvement of the old songs (lauders and with better quality). Compatible With 0.26
  • V1.4: Compatibility with version 0.24.1 and 0.25. Changed trainer music, added Goldernrod music, deleted the Pokemart music and add a new lavender song. Compatible with the ContentPack feature
  • V1.3: Compatibility with version 0.23 (It doesn't use the new ContentPack feature)
  • V1.2.1: Compatibility with version 0.22.1
  • V1.2: Compatibility with version 0.22. Added PokeMart Song.
  • V1.1: Compatibility with version 0.21.1
  • V1.0: First upload, all music replaced with orchestrated music and new music to routes 32, 33, 36, 37 and 46.

The Song for Route 2
The New Silph Co. or Cerulean Cave song. In the game the song starts at 0:55
The new song for the Battle Vs the Kanto Leader.
The song for the Route 24 and 25

dehdmp credits.png

The creators of the original songs of this Music Pack are:
Alph: Pokémon Einstein
Azalea: Kamikadze333666
Barktown: Infernapezzz
Battle_intro: PokeRemixStudio
Battlefactory: RibMusicVids
Battletower: Minako Adachi
Brain_battle: GlitchxCity
Brain_battle:intro: GlitchxCity
BugContest: Shinji Miyazaki
BurnedTower: Julien Van Egroo
Center: Kamikadze333666
Cerulean Shinji Miyazaki
Cerulean_cave: Dj The Fishhead
Champion_defeat: Kamikadze333666
Cherrygrove: GRonnoc
Credits: Shinji Miyazaki
Dark_cave: Julien Van Egroo
DiflettsCave: Amuza
DragonsDen: Antirellik
Ecruteak: HappyDragonite
Elite_defeat: Kamikadze333666
ElmsLab: Infernapezzz
Eusine_Encounter: Nick Oleksiak
Evolution: Super Smash Bross Brawl
Frontier: Eclairattack
GameCorner: OCRemix
Goldenrod: Salp Fish
GTS: DoubleJoeSeven
Gym: Kamikadze333666
HallofFame: Kamikadze333666
IlexForest: PokemonEinstein
Indigo: Xtremethomas
Johto_champion: Fenix Ark Angelus
Johto_champion_intro: Fenix Ark Angelus
Johto_elite: Basutora
Johto_elite_intro: Basutora
Johto_leader: Basutora
Johto_leader_intro: Basutora
Johto_rival: GlitchCity
Johto_rival_encounter: PokemonEinstein
Johto_rivalintro: GlitchCity
Johto_rocket: RICELIA
Johto_rocket_encounter: Shinji Miyazaki
Johto_rocket_intro: RICELIA
Johto_trainer: Itacchi
Johto_trainer_intro; Itacchi
Johto_wild PokeRemixStudio
Johto_wild_intro: PokeRemixStudio
Kanto_Leader: RICELIA
Kanto_Leader_intro: RICELIA
Kanto_trainer: Kamikadze333666
Kanto_trainer_intro: Kamikadze333666
Kanto_wild: RICELIA
Kanto_wild_intro: RICELIA
Kimono: TeionMusic
Kvictoryroad: MasterJace
Lavender: CSGuitar89
Leader_defeat: Kamikadze333666
Lighthouse: Posby95
Lobby: Shota Kageyama
Mart: Danny Perski
Mary_encounter: Kamikadze333666
Mtmoonsq: Wojkel
NationalPark: DJTheFishhead
Oak_encounter: Junishi Masuda
OaksLab: PokemonEinstein
Pokeflute: BaghiraZero
Pokemon_lullaby: Junichi Masuda
Pokemon_march: Junichi Masuda
PVP: Junichi Masuda, Shota Kageyama
rHideout: PokeRemixStudio
Ride: Shinji Miyazaki
Rocket_broadcast: Junichi Masuda
RouteMusic0: PokemonEinstein
RouteMusic1: GRonnoc
RouteMusic2: Xtremethomas
RouteMusic3: Shinji Miyazaki
RouteMusic4: Ricelia
RouteMusic5: Shinji Miyazaki
RouteMusic6: HappyDragonite
RouteMusic7: Ricelia
RouteMusic8: Ricelia
RouteMusic9: Xtremethomas
RouteMusic10: Ricelia
RouteMusic11: VGMusicMaker
Safari: Junichi Masuda
SafariGate: Junichi Masuda
Show_me_around: PokemonEinstein
Sprout_tower: Posby95
SSAqua: Shinji Miyazaki
Surf: Shinji Miyazaki
TinTower: Ferriswheel42
Title: Shinji Miyazaki
Trainer_defeat: Kamikadze333666
Trainer_encounter: Shinji Miyazaki
Unown_broadcast: DrFacilii
Vermilion: Pokemon Reorchestrated
Violet: Amuza
Viridian_Forest: Pokemon Reorchestrated
Wild_defeat: Kamikadze333666

Thanks and enjoy :D:singing:
Don't forget to rate :D
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