RandomLocke 1.0

RandomLocke 1.0 0.53.1

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Ever wanted to find a slugma in the middle of Route 40?
or a feebas on Route 33?
or maybe even a Mewtwo as the first pokemon you encounter on Route 29?

Well with RandomLocke you can do the first two!
Any* Pokemon in any** location!
* Legendary pokemon and Unown excluded
** Ruins of Alph excluded

Also nuzlocke rules are enforced:
  • One pokemon per location
  • a pokemon faints - it is dead
  • pokemon must be renamed
  • difficulty is locked at hard
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Latest updates

  1. Long Time No See

    This updates the GameMode with all of the poke files for upto 0.54(the only reason it isnt...

Latest reviews

It gives me the error " Object reference is not set to instance of an object"
i have no random locke -.- i have download it and open but no randomize -.-
Is Good.
Great Nuzlocke mode and I love having the randomizer on
Thanks to you im getting my first nuzlocke randomizer (ever) on 3d! Great job :)
very good