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Silver's Soul

Silver's Soul 0.70

No permission to download
Version 0.70

GameMode Compatible!!!

Wiki: http://pokemon3d.net/wiki/index.php?title=Silver's_Soul

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Every trainer has a major level boost and many have a slightly different roster
surprise in Route 30
Route 47 connects Cherrygrove city, Route 32, and *censored for surprise value*
Route 49 south of Route 34​

Silver gets Sneasel
You get Beldum
rival battles edited
story 'surprise' after first battle
Rival encounter in Goldenrod City
Rival battle in Goldenrod underground
Rival encounter in Olivine
Rival battle in Cianwood
Rival battle at Lake of Rage
Rival encounters in Team Rocket Hideout
Special Story Event at the top of the Radio Tower

Side Story events in Ecruteak, Olivine, Cianwood, and Lake of Rage
390 Pokemon from all generations
Pokedex order changed(only Magmar keeps it's old number:))
A multitube of chnges to stats, evolutions, and move sets
Type changes:
Charizard and Gyarados now Dragon instead of flying
Golduck is now also psychic
Farfetch'd and Staraptor now fighting instead of normal
Chansey family now also Fairy
The Chibi Mystic Legends(Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Manaphy, Victini) are all now part fairy(replacing psychic for celebi, jirachi and victini)
Serperior is now also a Dragon
Goodra family is now also poison​
Tauros now evolves into Bouffalant
60 Evolutions are changed(listed in "changes.dat")
Tauros, Houndoom, Weavile, and Bouffalant received changes in their base Stats​
Route 47 viewed from Cherrygrove City
View attachment 784

First Rival Battle
View attachment 785

Wild Zigzagoon:
View attachment 786

Wild Sewaddle:
View attachment 787

Route 47 viewed from Route 32:
View attachment 789
If there is a typing change you want to see or have a specific suggestion for when Pokemon should evolve(only for Pokemon that didn't level evolve before) please leave them here
If and when abilities get implemented i will be changing some of those as well
First release
Last update
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Game is awesome soo much fun
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