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PMD Texture Pack

PMD Texture Pack

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1. What is this?

It's a texture pack that replaces the normal pokémon sprites from HG/SS to PMD pokémon sprites.

2. Screenshots?
Here (no, the npcs won't get crazy like that ;p)

3. How do i install it?
Extract the rar file, then paste the two folders inside your ContentPacks folder inside the game folder, then, ingame, click on the pokéball icon at the top right corner of your menu screen and apply it.

4. What this "PMD (babies)" does?

It replaces the baby pokémon sprites with smaller sprites, so they look more like babies.
To install it, just let the texture pack applied upper from your normal PMD texture pack (like this)

5. Pokémon A looks weird.
PMD uses more than 2 frames animations, since Pokémon 3D is limited to 2 frame animations, some of the pokémons will look weird (almost as if they're dancing), but most of them will look ok. Anyway, if it's really bothering you, tell me and i'll see what i can do.

6. Pokémon B isn't here, and i know that he's on PMD!
As of now, the texture pack is still a work in progress, so it's normal for some sprites not to be done, but if you have a request just tell me and i will work on it.

7. Can i use this to make my own texture pack/something?
Sure, go ahead.

If you guys find any misplaced sprites, or any sort of error just tell me and i'll fix it, enjoy ;)

Shadow Lugia sprite made by Lapokefanatica

Gen V sprites made by PowerCristal
First release
Last update
4.50 star(s) 2 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Fixes

    -Fixed Gyarados sprite -Made Lugia slightly bigger -Added a few Hoenn sprites (no babies yet)

Latest reviews

As one of testers I'm glad to see this finally put to Resources.:)
The textures are cool, but some sprites are too small and they look wierd. I would appreciate if you fix that.
You probably have the babies version active, anyway, tell me, which sprites look weird?