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I want to have the best possible looking pokemon experience. For me this means high resolution textures. Unfortunately, there are very few hd texture packs.
So to get the ball rolling, I decided to make my own texture pack and share it with you guys. I hope this inspires you to make your own texture packs and share it too, which will benefit everybody. Feel free to reuse my textures in your own packs.




redesign64_4.png redesign64_6.png redesign64_7.png redesign64_8.png

The process I went through is very simple: Clear all textures and apply new textures incrementally.
redesign64_1.png redesign64_2.png

  • HQ4X
  • Kira pro grafik HD
  • Bulbapedia
  • Minecraft texture packs
    • DragonDance
    • SixtyGig
  • Deviant Art
    • Magiscarf
    • Warox1994
    • Scarex
    • and several others

Known mistakes:
  • Some places have missing textures. (Elite four, Safari zone, Sevii islands)
  • Inconsitencies in style. Some textures are realistic, some are more cartoony.
  • The ground where you plant berries has a weird border.
  • A few fridges in the Goldenrod dept store have a very blurry texture.
If you find other mistakes, let me know where I can find them.
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More resources from ALobker

  • PokeHQ4X
    A tool to make 4x resolution texture packs
  • HQ4X Basic
    HQ4X Basic
    Get a high quality version of the original textures!

Latest updates

  1. Added sprites for shiny pokemon and others...

    Update based on a message by HalcyonicFox: Added sprites for shiny pokemon Fixed grass in...

Latest reviews

This one of the best full world texture revamp pack for Pokemon 3d I have seen so far. There not many to begin with anyway!
I like the general floor design, the Pokemon Centre and PokeMart redesign, the signboard redesigns, and some building redesigns.
The only problem I have seen so far is that the wild grasses looks quite off. They look flat, and out of place. Please fix the problem.
Beautiful pack! Shame the water looks weird with that missing texture :/
This has mad the game complete, I love it
Nice! Simply amazing! Very good!
Very nice textures and doesn't seem to affect performance. If the known issues get fixed (mainly the missing textures), then this will be 5/5!
This pack is absolutely beautiful. Great work!
Run smooth, pokemon textures looks great, thank you very much!