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1 Year Later 3D

1 Year Later 3D 0.12

No permission to download

Current Version: 0.12
Available Kolben Version 0.53.3

Dont worry, v0.54 Compatibility will be a thing, game broke on upgrading.
this may take awhile...

0.12 Fix
For those who are having issues with Noel at the start of the game when having Evelia/Golden Eevee as your starter, you can download the game included with the fix or fix the problem manually with these files.
download - https://mega.nz/#!NtUjgCwS!6mkq2GHuUjKdLXfCnD4czyryfk6Tzp3DFlVesylVCcY
place them in the Scripts directory under GameMode.
should look like this - (location of the game's folder)/1YL3D Ver 0.12/GameModes/1 Year Later 3D/Scripts

Start the game around 10am for a better Difficulty curve
During the Day, the Wild is safer but lower Exp
During the Night, the Wild is much more dangerous but better Exp

-Gamemode Content-
  • Original Story/Concept/Characters!
  • Challenging Battles! (Includes Bosses)
  • Contains Custom Sprites/Texture/Music! (please leave ContentPacks untouched!!)
  • New (Upcoming) Areas!
  • Choice Mechanics!
  • Nozlock Not Recommended & Incompatible!!! (To ensure the game does not break)
  • New Way to Play!
-Game Rules-
1: A Choice of 2 Two Tailed Eevees' is your Starter Pokemon (Defence or Offence types)
2: Level Cap is 700 (This may vary until further notice)
3: If all Pokemon faint in battle, its Game Over!! (Certain battles will not determine a Game Over)
4: Exp Distribution has been altered |Exp Gain Down|Exp Requirement Up|
5: Certain Evolution Altered (Ex. Female Kirlia will evolve into Gardivor at level 30, while Males evolves into Gallade in level 30 & Traded Pokemon will evolve at Level 40)
6: Certain Trainers will have Odd Pokemon Levels! (to ensure the feeling of playing a JRPG game rather then a Pokemon Game!)
7: Everything else is Vanilla Pokemon

Welcome to 1 Year Later 3D!!

(Also known as 1YL3D)

It's been nearly ages for this Gamemode to be released and geez did I do alot of work...
Of course the game is not finished by anymeans..
(meaning even if this game was released... there will be constant updates.)

well if you guys have been following my WIP post and other fun stuff. Im sure you know whats up.
for for you all who did not, worry not!!
This Gamemode takes place One Year after the main events of Gold/Silver/Crystal Games.
It contains original characters and concept. hopefully stays true to the main games story and add bits of twists.
such as of course... A Two Tailed Eevee O - O!!!
but well I hope you guys enjoy the story as much as im writing it...
post comments on what you think and please feel free to 'Let's Play' it.
I would like to watch how you guys progress!!

well anywho... download the game and enjoy!!

The current download is Standalone
It is not needed to run Kolben's Pokemon3D through GameJolt

Want to know about how much has the game progressed?
check out the WIP Thread: http://pokemon3d.net/forum/threads/7678/
Shou Liengod
First release
Last update
4.33 star(s) 9 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Noel battle bug fix

    if people are having issue with Noel at the start of the game with the Golden Eevee, you can...
  2. Bug Fix & Balance Update

    as the title has stated, Bugs that has been earthed are now fixed! including some much needed...
  3. Final Update for 0.11, Road to 0.20!

    Everything is all set! now to work on Chapter 2! Changelog Edited Evelia and Van in...

Latest reviews

I love the game. It's like a harder version of Pokemon. Even though I've only played the game up to Violet City, the plot of the game is really cool! And the concept of having an Eevee with two tails it a really good idea! A fresh and new way of a Pokemon game, in my opinion that is. 5 stars! I hope to see more of this game in the future!
An excellent gamemode for Pokemon3D that clearly sets out to add a bit more substance than the standard Pokemon story in the original games. Having played the first chapter to the finale I believe it is safe to say that your only disappointment will be that chapter 2 is not available. This gamemode greatly represents what I would like to see in a Pokemon game in terms of a more serious storyline along with more difficult gameplay to please veteran Pokemon players.

The only things I can recommend to better the experience is the following points.
- Get someone to go over the grammar. Hell, I can do it myself and hand the changes over if you need help with this. There are several grammatical errors throughout the story. Nothing that kills the mood or turns it into an absolutely unplayable meme though. A nice bit of polish never hurt anyone though.

- Probably an issue of not being given the Pokegear but a way to rebattle trainers for cash or just gain cash in general. The battle at the end can get especially nasty if one does not use their resources properly or is stuck without any cash at the end for that matter. This is more of a matter of opinion however.

A solid 4/5 and if the grammar is fixed a solid 5/5 I can stand by.
Shou Liengod
Shou Liengod
I appreciate greatly for sitting down and typing down an extensive review!
Im aware of the grammar and character dialogue hiccups, and among other things...
theres never enough time to go through it all and re-type certain dialogue and the the misspelling again... the one man crew is always a struggle... since i have to worry about every other aspect of the game... x -x

I played through the entire first chapter Numerous times with different pokemon and level differences with lowest level possible to be able to pass through it all. especially those Bosses...

Money has always been an issue with this Gamemode, so i was trying to find numerous ways to give some money to the player, such as finding them in the field, giving a handful of cash on bosses, and the new 25% chance on the Nurses giving you $1,200 back to, i suppose Pity you... trying to ease the player's frustration... and the Idea of Jobs and Quests.

throughout the process of making the gamemode came with Alot of ideas that look good on paper, but came out short and wont do good in practice... hence delays and delays on releasing the game... let alone having alot of Bug Fixes and odd wording and dialogue hiccups along the way...

and now moving away from 1YL3D for awhile to work on Recreation (Working Title) as an actual project for the consumer market is hard... alot of scripting...
so same kind of serious and good characters in that one too!
but offtopic...

Thank you again for playing 1YL3D!
when you can, tell me more about your experience so I cant make the gamemode better! ^ -^
This game mode has a great story and soundtrack, really challenging bosses and interesting characters that you will get easily attached to. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the rest of the game! I'll be looking forward to playing it ;D
Shou Liengod
Shou Liengod
Your giving me too much credit D:
I thank you for playing the game! ^- ^
The music and the story are so epic and I just like them!
Only bad thing is grammar.
But keep up the good work!
Shou Liengod
Shou Liengod
thank you for playing the game~ and yes im aware of the outdated texts, but im on and off working on an update to fix those lines, and reworking more dialogue again and doing a fix for Eliza. im trying to see if i can make a path that would allow Eliza to join you after the rescue. im also been updating the character spirtes again, and did most of the main characters and will move on to common NPCs. but anyway, thank you for the review~
It's difficult to create a fan made game all on your own, especially one that can solidly achieve good story line, new challenges, and even different ways of looking at a universe you are already familiar with. This one though, has most of that down fairly solidly. Some of the beginning of the game is very confusing, but don't let that deter you from experiencing something completely different and fun in the Pokemon world :)
i'm not a fan of pokemon fan made games but this gamemode on pokemon 3d is pretty good it love to see the finished version of it. it has very interesting story to it but i found out the starter sprite glitches out if its a shiny. there are a couple of typos i noticed here in and there. it came to abrupt ending that actually made me want to play it more. i do hope you continue this gamemode id rate this gamemode 4.5 out of 5 stars
Shou Liengod
Shou Liengod
Thank you so much! I am finishing the game at some point and its a long journey ahead so.. look forward to it.

its difficult to keep track on the game too at time due to the fact that im a 1 man team and my first attempt making a story and game ideas (which is very limited). i would love for you to look forward to what happens next. its still a pain at the moment to make a brand new map. and nowadays i dont have much time in doing so due to me having a day job. and of course no internet so i cant make any new updates. (sent by phone btw)
whats also good is that iv'e been doing alot of off spriting and gotten better at it. cant wait to post up some examples.

anyway... i wish you luck finding the secret pokemon battle. its somewhere you have been before. :)
A neat game. Not bad though.
Shou Liengod
Shou Liengod
thanks! not 100% with the game though. more ways to go!
also might reorganize the scripts and other story stuff in the future to fit the next update.
It's a good game mode from what little I've played, and it has an interesting story. The only reason it's not a 4 or even the full 5 stars is the bad English seen constantly. Just a personal pet peeve of mine. If I could give it 3 1/2 stars, I would.
Shou Liengod
Shou Liengod
This isnt much of a review if you havnt played the majority of the game. the dialogue is not perfect, and the very beginning is supposed to not make sense, also elusive.

of course the rest of the game's dialogue isnt "bad english"

keep playing the game.