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  • Yoo Tornado,well i are with a really bad pokemon party simple dissapear,i just relog the game a few times but he not back,soo any ideia??
    ok i deleted it im on the one where i passed it i beat all the gym's i beat the elite 4 once but lost to champion lance badly
    well some of em are i made a new account where my chikorita was completely black but when it evoulved it wasnt anymore some of my pokemon are black
    i love pokemon 3d but is there a haloween even for local's and online to go to the secret place on route 30 near cherrygrove where you can get 1 pokemon that can actuly be obtained like buizel or dwebble and christmas a suprise pokemon
    but i do like some model's and When i use it on a new profile Rare pokemon appear :D like phanpy at route 46 on the part new people use and i found a entei in the grass somehow
    bro bro bro whats up friend uh .............. why is the pokemon models pack with the chikorita front why is it so weird im starting to not like some pokemon for looking weird ill download the better one i dont know who made it but he need's to fix the WEIRD
    thoes weak but cute ones if you havent noticed on pokedex comparism all there rates are 89 but the average final evoulved starter like infernape or charizard is 86 so yea there cute and weak
    hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow do i do a counter hit sheild like the one ash's buizel used or the one his pikachu used
    have you saw vincini your avatar i wonder if it's like mew manaphy celebi jirachi you know those cute weak legendary pokemon that are better then charizard
    i just downloaded dis cool guys texture pack it's the pokemon models(3d) texture pack :D whoever made it is awsome.(bui bui bui bui)
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