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I have been a long time enthusiast of the Pokémon series since the first generation of the main games. I have also been playing Pokémon 3D since the Indev 0.16 version of the game (just before trainer battles were implemented). Have any generic Pokémon or Pokémon 3D questions? Ask away!

I am one of the Global Moderators of this website domain's forums, resource department, and Chat. (I was formerly a Moderator of the Trading forum only). If you see any issues here, please notify me (though you should probably speak with the website staff member of that respective forum instead of always asking me). I am also a bureaucrat on the Wiki, so if something big comes up there feel free to contact me.

Stuck or lost items in Pokémon 3D due to a glitch? Start a conversation with me and provide me your GameJolt Username and Token and I will attempt to get you unstuck and back into regular gameplay/recover your items (if I am not around on the website, you might need to ask a different member of the staff to help you). I also help with the development of the game, so there's a small chance that I can fix the glitch myself (not likely though, the rest of the development team is much more code versatile than me).

I had around P138,648.42 before the currency system for the site was removed.

Useful Links:
Pokémon Models Pack (My only updated Content Pack)
Pokémon 3D Update Delay Calculator (Super Serious)

Friend Codes:
New Nintendo 3DS XL Console - 1977-0156-0343

Here's the é in Pokémon, for those who are interested: é

I hope this page will be useful. See you on the forum!
Jul 12, 1997 (Age: 22)
Friendswood, Texas, United States of America
Sophomore College Student
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Tornado9797 7979odanroT


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Conner Brewster


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