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  • Hi Tornado. I'm a old player of this game and i want to know if the game is up..Btw i have a problem and maybe you can help...I have an old acc from GJ..and every time i try to save the game just dont save. Do you know how to fix it ?
    Tornado9797, I'd like to say thank you for everything you've done with helping develop P3D. Without you and the other creators and DEVs, we wouldn't have such a great game. And you all should be proud with what you have accomplished thus far.
    Hello, i can't download the last update, when thedownload is in 27mb she stop it and don't download more, you can upload the folder of the game to mf or mega? I've try it 5 times, im sorry about my dialect,im from L.A, Venezuela, thanks i really wanna play this awesome project
    Ok... Sorry in advance for this one xD

    I'm tryna get the Dazzling Gleam TM but i can't find the Fanta can that Fanta the moderator is asking for... ¿any advice?
    Man, i'm sorry i'm bothering you again, i'll try to avoid it unless is really important.

    So, i've obtained my 6th badge in Kanto and i'm trying to reach Cinnabar Island to get the 7th one but the road is closed in both Fuchcia City and Viridian City by a group of boulders, i've already solved the power plant problem and awakened the snorlax... ¿what am i supposed to do now?

    Thanks in advance
    The wiki page for Route 26 says that there are hidden trees that contain Ralts and Riolu (right behind a dawn stone), i got past the fake wall and picked up the dawn stone but i don't see a way to interact with the ''hidden trees'' or whatever ¿is there something i'm missing or just not implemented?
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