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  • hello good morning I just wanted to ask when the next version would come out because it is a great game and I would not like to be left halfway; and another question if they release the next version for the next one, they could launch it on android but with another pack of textures please, because the original pack is not very good, even though the game is great, don't stop!
    The next version has a bug that has halted the release but once we get it sorted the next version will come. An android release is probably never going to happen so dont hold out for that. There have been several content packs that changed the graphics however, content packs are not properly supported atm because of some serious reworks underway so it will be some time before they are available again.
    Darkfire, I'd like to say thank you for everything you've done with helping develop P3D. Without you and the other creators and DEVs, we wouldn't have such a great game. And you all should be proud with what you have accomplished thus far.
    Darkfire can you help with whole can't save online thing with Game Jolt... They don't really seem to be willing to help with it when I ask about it. Thx
    Darkfire!! I'm having problems! I tried to play the game, but it said I needed to have a game jolt account and download Pokemon3D on the GJS, but now I don't have ANY of my information from before I downloaded it on the new server.. how do I get my old games back? I had so much.. :( I don't know what to do, but I want my original profiles back. do you have any way for me to do that?
    I am having a problem. Every time I try to use a move that puts a pokemon to sleep, like Hypnosis, or Sleep Powder, The game crashes. Sometimes, if my pokemon is already asleep, the game will just crash. Also, the "displacement" of Ho-oh that was supposed to be fixed in the last update wasn't fixed for me.. Help me, Please and thank you ! ^.^
    Aww did you make that pic yourself? Also, is it a super big cookie or a super tiny charizard xD?
    how do I get more boxes in my pc? I am trying to put them in order according to their Pokedex number, but I don't have the space for the 600s, and at first, I know I only had like, 4 boxes, then suddenly I had 12, then 14, and now I have 18. but I don't know what I did to get the extra boxes.... also, my repels are broken. I can't apply any because it says I already have one applied, but I keep running into pokemon,
    ok, so I searched where to find Moltres, and I saw that someone said they got to the top of Mt. Ember, and all they could find was Volcanion. well, I tried to go to the top of Mt. Ember to catch Volcanion, and I can't get there because I need rock climb. I was wondering if you knew where I could get rock climb, so that I could catch it? also, I have the rainbow wing right now, but where do I get the silver wing?
    hello sir darkfire. i am in need of assistance.i have already downloaded silvers soul and moved it to 'game modes' on the pokemon folder.but the problem is that i dont know how to use it.all your help is appreciated. :)
    okay, so the character saying "Soon" on the path to Mount Silver is actually suppose to be you? Is it suppose to look like Kratos from God Of War? because it does.......... also, I saw that you work for the people who make this game.. do you know when 5.4 is coming out? and do you know if, at some point, we get to travel outside of kanto and Johto? like to Hoen?
    Hey Dark, don't mean to bother but uh, I'm having that same problem with the game crashing and detecting hacking, which I wasn't so... XD Still not sure if this is how you're supposed to contact staff but I'm giving it another shot.
    hi darkfire plz help me the weird colours happens every time i start but wasnt doing it before u said it was the april fools please please please can u help me i just started it last night and will most likely donate in the future if i could only play this awesome game in the first place
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