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Current Info
Today is 19 June 2018.

The game's current and most recent version is Indev 0.54.2.

The game's current in-game season is Fall.

The Program

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Latest Game Update News:

Minor Update News (Indev 0.54.2):


  • Fixed Fast Graphics floor tile rendering inside Underwater Cave.
  • Fixed all issues related to the Backup Save feature.
  • The Backup Save feature is now disabled by default.
  • Performance optimization for offset maps.
  • Fixed Pain Split being treated as a Hidden Machine move.
  • Fixed Focus Blast's incorrect accuracy and category.
  • Fixed Autotomize's name.
  • Fixed the Effort Value gain algorithm.
  • Fixed Sky Attack's missing flinch chance.
  • Fixed Power Swap's incorrect target.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented changing the badge display page in the trainer card.
  • Fixed Fake Out's flinch conditions in a Player versus Environment scenario.
  • Added support for .ogg music files.
  • Added engine support for all remaining alternative Formes.
  • Fixed most interactions with King's Rock in battle.
  • Fixed Aegislash losing Stance Change permanently under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a memory leak regarding displaying 3D Models in the PC.


  • Fixed a map exploit that allowed players to bypass Elite Four trainers without battling them.
  • Fixed the receiving of the key item on Five Island.
  • Adjusted the prices of the items in the Battle Frontier shop.
  • Fixed a typo in the dialogue of the Six Island Pokémon Center NPC.
  • Fixed a typo in the kitchen script in the player's house.
  • Fixed Lilligant, Delphox, and Greninja data files.
  • Added several new sprites from OmegaGhost.

Minor Update News (Indev 0.54.1):


  • Adjusted the position of some summary sprites.
  • Fixed Sharpedo and Kabutops data files.
  • Fixed Mega Char X overworld sprite.
  • Fixed some pokemon data files.
  • Pichu can have Volt Tackle now.
  • Fixed Sharpedo's held item.
  • Fixed Charmander and Charmeleon data files.
  • Added new sprites.

Battle System

  • Add Bubble weather in battle system.
  • Fixed after fainting switch interaction with trapping moves/abilities.
  • Fix moves and abilities that break through ghost inmunity to normal and fighting type attacks.
  • Fixed item transferring/removing moves and abilities.
  • Fixed magician and pickpocket abilities.
  • Fixed two turn moves.
  • Fixed confusion conditions for Outrage and similar moves.
  • Fixed "but there's no target" issue.
  • Fixed Toxic Orb ans Flame Orb effects.
  • Fixed Yawn counter.
  • Fixed immunity breaking moves/abilities.
  • Fixed intimidate and similar abilities.
  • Fixed Hyper Beam and similar moves recharge conditions.
  • Updated Explosion/Selfdestruct damage to the current gen.
  • Fixed Fake Out usage after switching in.
  • Fixed synchronize and teleport interaction.
  • Fixed sleep infliction interaction with multi turn moves counters.
  • Fixed multiturn moves interaction with confusion status.
  • Fixed Quiver Dance interaction with substitute.
  • Fixed Fury Cutter not resetting its counter properly.
  • Fixed Electro Ball and Gyro Ball moves damage output.
  • Fixed Effect Spore ability interaction with multi hit contact moves.
  • Fixed cloud nine interaction with Hail/Sandstorm.
  • Fixed infatuation volatile status lingering after the opp has switched out.

Game Content

  • Added battle frontier shop with power items.
  • Updated Tornado9797 NPC. Added script and trainer file to it.
  • Fixed daycare texts and costs and other miscellaneous fixes.
  • Fixed birdkeeper, memorial and map guy scripts in Five Island.
  • Fixed machop trade issues. Now only tradeable in the dept store.
  • Fixed rival script inside indigo plateau building.
  • Fixed center healing script.
  • Fixed underwater cave surface battle map.
  • Fixed underwater cave main battle map ceiling.
  • Fixed the collision of the table inside Lavender Town radio tower.
  • Fixed vivillon sprite not showing in the grotto.
  • Fixed underwater cave surfing bug.
  • Added TM Drain Punch in its HGSS location.
  • Fixed stairs in Viridian Forest.
  • Fixed leaving ship script in Vermillion.
  • Changed the halloffame.dat script so now it plays halloffame.ogg in the hall of fame.
  • Fixed major lag in Underwater cave.


  • Added <level.musicloop> constructor and @music.forceplay command.
  • Y axis movement :) Press Left Ctrl + Left Alt + W to move up. (Left Ctrl is to make the player walk through walls which is apparently needed)
  • Added @Pokemon.AddSteps(PokemonIndex, StepsToAdd)
  • Added @Pokemon.SetSteps(PokemonIndex, StepsToSet)
  • Added <Pokemon.GetSteps(PokemonIndex)>
  • Added per GameMode instance of global start script. New GameMode rule added "StartScript".
  • Enabled any pokemon having all HMs in Sandbox mode.


  • Changed minifont from Verdana to Verdana Bold for better visibility.
  • Made incoming hall of fame entries to store useful data only.
  • Update credits screen.
  • Added version info on the title bar.
  • Added new options for future uses.
  • Saving no longer stuck in the saving screen. It will display save failed. (With a message)
  • Backup Save is added into the game. You can enable this via 0.54.1/saves/options.dat > "Extras|Backup Save". Your save will now be backed up. You can then keep a copy and put it elsewhere so that if anything bad happens, jianmingyong can fix for you.
  • Fixed unusual screen size on full screen mode.
  • XNA Build is back. You can download them below. (

Major Update News (Indev 0.54):

New Engine Features:

New Story Features:

Bug Fixes:

New Bugs:

  • Content Packs require a full game restart before taking effect.

To see version history earlier than Indev 0.54, please consult this wiki's Version History page.

Latest Wiki Update News:


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