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Today is August 23, 2014.
The game's current and most recent version is 0.49.1.

Major Update News (0.49.1):

New Features:

  • Completed Saffron City.
  • Added Celadon City.
  • Added Route 7.
  • Added Route 13.
  • Added Route 14.
  • Added Suicune Encounter on Route 14 and 25.
  • Added Saffron and Celadon Gyms.
  • Added Magnet Train connecting Goldenrod and Saffron.
  • Added Vending machines on the Goldenrod and Celadon Dept Store roofs.
  • Rock Climb texture in Cliff Edge gate.
  • Added legendary battle music.
  • Added a new encounter animation for legendary Pokémon.
  • Added an @title command to display titles on the screen.
  • Changed the @battle.wild command.
  • Added resizable interfaces to the main menu.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed and changed the Roaming Pokémon encounters.
  • Lots of game and spelling fixes.

Major Update News (0.48):

Huge list of Major improvements:

Spoiler: Huge list of Major improvements
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  • Added running sound
  • Added new font to the game and replaced the textbox and choosebox fonts with this new font
  • Added item bag icons to the font and messages
  • Unified the receive item message
  • Added specific triggers for TMs like “only learnable when fully evolved”
  • Fixed Paralyze Heal’s text spacing
  • Added a success sound: Receiving Pokégear, the Odd Egg, the Togepi egg in Violet, Pokédex, the Radio Quiz, the Starter Pokémon, Kenya on Route 35, receiving the GTS card, getting Shuckle in Cianwood
  • Added Pokémon cries in battle
  • Starter Pokémon’s first evolution can learn Ride now
  • Correctly capitalized “Cut”
  • Fixed “Pokemon” to “Pokémon” in trainer script in Whitney’s Gym
  • Added Cry for Sudowoodo script
  • Fixed “ROUTE 31” to “Route 31” in mail guy’s script on Route 35
  • Fixed the volume of some early songs
  • Fixed Stantler’s sprite
  • Added “Confusion” move to Abra for Psychic Mark’s Abras
  • Added tree walls around maps: Route 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, Goldenrod, default battle map
  • Optimized Goldenrod City’s map by removing entities and faces
  • Fixed some battle intros taking too long on larger screens
  • Added a new National Park battle map and copied it over to the Bug-Catching-Contest as well
  • Replaced the $ sign in the font with the Pokédollar sign ()
  • Added a battle map for Route 34
  • Updated the Item Shop screen to have keyboard and controller support
  • Changed the text speed for the textbox as well as its appearing animation speed
  • Added some “enter/exit” sound effects to early scripts
  • Added damage sound effects in battle
  • Added a level up screen in battle
  • Changed Slowpoke and Sudowoodo overworld sprites
  • Fixed Bill’s text running out of the textbox and added a sound for exiting
  • Added a sound for learning a move
  • Fixed moves without effectiveness (for example SonicBoom) having a “not very effective” message
  • Added the Pokémon’s cry at the start of an evolution
  • Fixed the rival start battle music when battling him in Burned Tower
  • Fixed every Gym Leader having an intro music when they shouldn’t
  • Added sound effect when landing in the Burned Tower’s basement
  • Fixed Script Blocks acting weird after walking up/down stairs
  • Added a missing apricorn tree on Route 38
  • Fixed spelling error in Miltank’s script on Route 38
  • Fixed the Full Heal sprite being one pixel off compared to stuff like Antidote and Ice Heal
  • Fixed “Pokemon” to “Pokémon” on PokéFan on Route 39
  • Added “enter/exit” sound for Rival in Olivine
  • Added a screen fade effect for Ecruteak’s gym floor
  • Fixed the gender indicator for trainers in Ecruteak’s gym
  • Fixed Morty’s text running out of the textbox
  • Fixed Lass Dana on Route 38 always running up to the player
  • Added lantern objects outside of the Dance theater
  • Added generic battle map for cities: Cherrygrove, Violet, Azalea, Ecruteak, Olivine
  • Added sound and punctuation for ingame NPC trades
  • Fixed the wrong battle map getting used for trainers while surfing
  • Added a Repel sound effect
  • Fixed capitalization for Safari Guard NPC
  • Adjusted the name length for duo VS battle intro
  • Added default berries for Safari Gate (only for new save files)
  • Fixed “Pokemon” to “Pokémon” in the description of all abilities
  • Fixed grammar in a Safari Zone shop script
  • Added Pokémon cries for Pokémon in the Safari Zone
  • Added a “buy” sound for paying $500 in the Safari Zone
  • Added Pokéball break sound when Pokémon breaks out, and shake + throw sounds for catching
  • Fixed “STRENGTH” to “Strength” in the strength rock scripts
  • Added a Pokémon cry when using Strength
  • Fixed the rock moving animation for Chuck
  • Fixed “L70” to “level 70” in Chuck’s script
  • Fixed “FLY” to “Fly” in the woman giving the Fly HM
  • Changed the Pokécenter sign to enable the player to walk past it easier in Olivine City
  • Fixed “Pokemon” to “Pokémon” in Olivine Lighthouse, first NPC
  • Added cry for Amphy
  • Added correct punctuation for pharmacist in Cianwood
  • Fixed “AMPHY” to “Amphy” in Jasmine’s script
  • Added a screen fade and sound effect when using Fly
  • Fixed an open wall in Olivine City gym Battle Map
  • Added a “map view” mode. Start the Pokémon.exe file with the parameter “MAP:mappath,x,y,z” to enable this mode.
  • Fixed script blocks targeting player wrongly
  • Added trees and wooden fence around safari zone areas
  • Added NPCs in the Safari Zone Pokécenter
  • Capitalized “surf” to “Surf” in the script
  • Added Cry to Suicune on Route 42
  • Fixed the poll script on Route 43 for players who don’t have $1000.
  • Fixed the IDs for NPCs on Route 43 so they walk towards the player.
  • Fixed scripted wild encounters having the correct battle map background when surfing
  • Fixed “Lake’S” to “Lake’s” in Lance script at the Lake of Rage
  • Added animation for Lance flying away
  • Added obtain message for the Red Scale
  • Added “shutter” sound for finding the stairs
  • Added “enter/exit” sound for lance leaving
  • Fixed the Dragonite attack animation in the Mahogany Shop
  • Fixed that moves like “Minimize” can fail if the other Pokémon is flying/diving etc
  • Changed the Rocket intro music for the traps in Mahogany
  • Fixed a few pixels in the male Rocket sprite
  • Added sound effect for the secret switch in Mahogany base
  • Added screen fade effect when Lance heals your Pokémon
  • Added “Team Rocket HQ” to localization list
  • Fixed camera rotation when Lance walks away in 3F of the rocket base
  • Fixed the script for the computers in the lower levels of Mahogany base
  • Fixed warps directing the player to Y = 0 instead of Y = 0.1
  • Added cry to Murkrow
  • Added “shutter” sound when opening the doors in the rocket base with passwords
  • Fixed camera turn after talking to Petrel
  • Added Dragonite attack animation when Lance attacks Ariana
  • Added screen fade effect when Team Rocket disappears from the base
  • Fixed a delay in the Mahogany Base being too long
  • Added a camera turn after lance’s speech after defeated Electrodes
  • Fixed Pryce’s text running out of the box.
  • Added two new TMs and two incense items
  • Added missing Rocket Alarm sound effect
  • Added Teleport, Transform, Whirlwind, Roar and Sketch to the game.
  • Updated item description to Gen V/VI
  • Made trainer AI stronger
  • Fixed the battle focussing on the wrong Pokémon on some occasions
  • Added the Radio Tower to the localization file and changed it from “Goldenrod RadioTower” to “Radio Tower”
  • Added a sound to the Petrel reveal script
  • Fixed Petrel not changing skin when exiting and reentering the map
  • Fixed the volume for the Rocket Invasion theme
  • Fixed the screen shaking when proceeding a dialogue box with the B button on a controller.
  • Added a script to the Ticket Machines in the Goldenrod Train station
  • Animated the text on the learn attack screen
  • Fixed the Director sprite being off center
  • Added a sound when opening the door with the Basement key
  • Fixed the rival walking into the stairs and added “enter/exit” sounds
  • Fixed some script paths having / instead of \
  • Added shutter sound for pressing switches in the underground
  • Fixed a rocket having a text running out of the textbox
  • Added a warp sound and screen fade effect and fixed a 0 instead of 0.1 warp target for the Emergency Evacuation Device in the underground
  • Fixed parts of the Underground not being dark
  • Added shutter sound when using the Key Card
  • Smoothened the evolution background image
  • Added a sub plot for the Kimono Girls and moving the questions over from the director to there.
  • Changed the Potion/Super potion pick up from following Pokémon to give better potions as the game progresses
  • Added cries for: Jigglypuff and Meowth (radiotower) and Machoke (mart basement)
  • Added sign text for one sign on Radiotower 3F
  • Removed “Route 38” sign from the Mahogany Gate
  • Added Eusine exit sound in Burned Tower and improved the delay of the script.
  • Fixed sprites: Koffing, Cloyster, Sudowoodo
  • Added landing sound for Boulders in Boulder Puzzles
  • Added falling animation and sound when falling through holes
  • Fixed “DRAGONAIR” to “Dragonair” in Blackthorn City NPC trade
  • Added cry to Dratini in Blackthorn City
  • Improved efficiency of the Move Deleter and Move Relearner scripts
  • Animated the lava in Blackthorn Cty’s gym
  • Moved the Pokecenter sign back a little in Blackthorn city
  • Added more moves: Dragon Tail, Mimic, Conversion, Baton Pass, U-turn, Assist, Water Sport, Mud Sport, Snatch, Ice Ball, Skill Swap, Assist, Knock Off, Aromatherapy, Odor Sleuth, Sand Tomb, Block, Bounce, Covet, Roost, Gravity
  • Added better Boulder texture for the sides of the boulders in Blackthorn City
  • Fixed the weird looking Dragon’s Den ladder
  • Added camera movement to see Clair coming in and leaving the shrine
  • Fixed “Master Ball” to “Masterball” in Elm’s speech
  • Made the tunnel to the Tin Tower darker
  • Added teleport sound to the warps in the Tin Tower
  • Reduced the vertex count of the Tin Tower top.
  • Added “Apply” sound for feathers (wing items) and vitamins
  • Added correct items, moves and abilities to gym leader’s Pokémon
  • Fixed Yawn
  • Fixed <system.insightscript> construct
  • Added battle maps for Route 44, 45, 46, 26 and 27
  • Fixed wrong Pokémon addressing when using a trapping move
  • Fixed camera in battle when using Fly
  • Added the Pokémon’s cry when using waterfall outside of battle
  • Corrected “FLASH” to “Flash”
  • Added the missing Apricorn tree to Route 45
  • Fixed “darktypes” to “dark-types” in the Black Glasses script
  • Fixed battle camera change for the Work Up move
  • Fixed Pokémon Interactions not giving item when Egg is in first place of the party.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Poison Point Activating on a Non-Contact Move. (Source)
  • Fixed two Camera Bugs in Team Rocket warehouse. (Source)
  • Fixed a Crash While Reading The Player's House's Sign. (Source)
  • Fixed the game accepting mouse clicks while unfocused. (Source)
  • Fixed a bug with the radio tower director. (Source)
  • Out of Bounds in the Battle Tower ( Due to camera Bug )
  • Changed some wrong TM's (35/43/45)
  • Fixed a bug in Glitter Lighthouse . (Source)
  • Fixed a typo in one of Oak's dialogues. (Source)
  • Fixed a bug that causes the game to go unresponsive. (Source)
  • Fixed a bug that Miracle seed has two IDs (109 and 117). (Source)

Dev Features:

  • Added a map preview mode for future tools that want to preview a map in the Pokémon3D engine directly (Source)
  • (:while), (:endwhile) and (:exitwhile) commands implemented into the #Pokémon3D script system. (Source)

Minor Update News (0.47.2):

Bug Fixes:

Minor Update News (0.47.1):

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some Camera-related bugs.
  • Fixed some other bugs.

Major Update News (0.47):

Story updates:

Misc updates:

  • Added most field abilities
  • Overhauled the entire Pokémon Interactions feature and added item giving support based on surroundings
  • Added BugCatcher and Launcher restart features to the game (see launcher changes).
  • Added ledge jump sound effect.
  • Removed the camera lock when walking into a script trigger.
  • Added Noibat and Noivern. (Currently not catch-able)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed lots of typos and inconsistencies throughout the entire game’s scripts and maps
  • Fixed Ice Body ability
  • Fixed breeding bug
  • Fixed Belly Drum move
  • Fixed game crashing when no audio output device is connected to the PC.
  • Fixed Clear Body ability.
  • Fixed a bug with the daycare script.
  • Fixed Infinite Power Points if Clicked on by Mouse.
  • and as always, probably fixed a few more and created lots of ‘em.

Minor Update News (0.46.2):

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed shader bug when using offset maps
  • Player cannot progress when fainting in the Burned Tower
  • Typo (“Viatmins”)
  • Strange Pokédex entries
  • Location sign not loading first location name
  • Lugia in Whirl Island glitch
  • Forgot to remove a script in Pewter Museum
  • The “Can Learn” indicator is calculated wrongly
  • Zweilos sprite bug
  • Running shoes interfering with scripts
  • Scientist Not Finding Radio signal
  • Crash bug when editing text in the chat
  • A Pokémon gets registered in the Pokédex upon acquiring an egg
  • Tin Tower has wrong map settings
  • Script issues with Gentleman Alfred
  • Trainer house has wrong map settings
  • Surfing tiles under Route 40 and Olivine Dock
  • Guy with wrong TM in Viridian City
  • Chip Away move damage is wrong
  • Copy-Paste crash on Chat Screen
  • Wrong Pokemon data tag for roaming battle crash
  • Wrong Ferroseed sprites
  • Battle Frontier Gate has wrong map settings
  • Amorphous Egg group issues
  • MissingNo appearing in the daycare because it doesn’t get cleared properly
  • GTS stacking friends for logged in users

To see version history earlier than 0.46.2, then please consult this wiki's Version history page.


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