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The Pokémon 3D launcher is obsolete. Please do not use it for any version after Indev 0.53.2.
Launcher Version's appearance during Indev 0.52.1

The Pokémon 3D launcher is a download manager and information source. Its primary function is to download the latest game files and unzip them in the right location automatically. In order to play the game you have to start the launcher, which provides the option to start the game by clicking the Start game button. It also informs the player about the current version of the game by showing a popup if the game got updated. One can also download the latest game files manually by clicking the Download latest version button.

For Indev 0.53.3, the launcher was dropped in support of the official GameJolt Launcher. For Indev 0.54, all launcher support was scraped; the game will now instantly open when clicked on.


Update news

The launcher starts up on this page. It shows the last several news posts regarding Pokémon 3D. On the right side of this page, one can immediately access the main website, this wiki, nilllzz' Blog, nilllzz' Twitter, and Kolben Games' main website. Below the main heading include links to (insert first two links here), the official forum, Pokémon 3D on GameJolt, and Pokémon 3D on IndieDB.


The other main tab for the launcher is the logger, which displays in detail what the launcher has done and is currently doing.

Future version

To access this page, one has to click on the link on top of the version history page. This page contains the features and bugfixes that will be added with the next version of the game. It also contains the release date of the next version. This page gets update when a new feature is added to the game. You can find the content of this page on the Future versions page of the wiki, too.


This page can be accessed by clicking on the top link saying "Troubleshoot". This page helps with getting the game started. It lists all requirements to play Pokémon 3D. It also provides contact links and ways to fix the game.

Launcher Requirements

Version 1.1.x (Current)

  • .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.5.
  • Windows XP operating system and up.

Version 1.0.0

  • .NET Framework 4.0.

Launcher Version History

Version Release Date Summary

(No Launcher)

Unknown Date


  • All launcher support was dropped. The game is now directly opened.

GameJolt Launcher

Unknown Date


  • Original launcher support was dropped.


New Features:

  • Implemented the ability for the launcher to self-update.
  • Implemented the support to start the game in Force Graphics mode.
  • Implemented a Map View mode in the launcher.
  • Implemented a new icon.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Read-Only files causing the launcher to crash.

14.05.2014 Unknown Changes

18.09.2013 Unknown Changes

07.05.2013 Unknown Changes

11.03.2013 Unknown Changes


Unknown Date

New Features:

  • Made several alterations to the Settings window:
  • Applied copyright information under the About tab.
  • Implemented a check for Content Packs for Debug.
  • Enlarged the Settings window.
  • Moved the disclaimer to its own tab.
  • Minor alterations to the launcher update window.

Bug Fixes:

  • [P3DL-1] Fixed Clear launcher temp files not deleting the UpdateInfo.config-file.
  • [P3DL-2] Fixed the auto-start function not operating properly.
  • [P3DL-3] Fixed updating the game not stopping the auto-start function.



Bug Fixes:

  • [1620] Fixed error messages generating more times than they should be.



New Features:

  • [1601] Launcher no longer announces if the game is already up to date by itself.
  • The launcher update window will no longer show when there is no update available.
  • Implemented the option to display launcher updates in the Settings window.
  • Applied minor adjustments to the user interface.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the temporary files folder not being deleted when a download is cancelled.
  • Fixed the text on the Update button...again.



Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the text on the Update button.
  • Fixed the launcher page occasionally opening in the browser.
  • Fixed launcher updates not being able to move and rename files.



New Features:

  • Launcher now requires .NET 3.5 instead of 4.0.
  • Implemented the ability to halt downloads.
  • Implemented the ability to view the version of the game through the main window.
  • Implemented a Settings window.
  • Implemented an automated system for checking for software requirements to run the launcher and the game.
  • Implemented easier launcher updating capability.
  • Altered the target website to a different server.
  • Altered the text on the buttons of the main menu.
  • Altered the default window size.
  • Applied minor adjustments to the user interface.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the Kolben Logo appearing stretched.
  • Fixed some spelling errors.
  • Fixed the web browser compatibility for Windows computers not operating Internet Explorer.



New Features:

  • First release.

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