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If you want to delete a page, type " {{Delete|Your reason here}} " in the top of the page.

For all version 2 templates

This is a self-help zone for all version 2 template created by jianmingyong. Although most of the template have its example, it is not documented for every single page.

There are tons of quick template you can use to get certain data without making tedious template. You may want to use them whenever you need it.

Pokémon Data

A general syntax for this category is {{PokémonListV2|Paramenter|Value}}.


To convert the National Dex into its name, you can use {{PokémonListV2|Name|1}} which results as Bulbasaur.


If you want to show some stats about whether a Pokémon is obtainable, you can use {{PokémonListV2|Implemented|1}} which results as IONC.

Due to the fact that it is under my template code, it will not show in terms of Yes and No unless you made a condition for the result.

{{#Switch:{{PokémonListV2|Implemented|1}}| Yes | IOC | IONC = Yes | No | INONC | NINONC = No}}

Pokémon Moves

A general syntax for this category is {{MoveV2|Paramenter|Value}}.


To get its name using the move ID, simply use {{MoveV2|Name|1}} which results as Pound.










Info Messages

Have you seen quite a few info message appearing in some pages? They usually tell you some important info before proceeding.

To use it, simply type {{InfoV2|Test}} which results in



To use a spoiler, you can have a few syntax depending on your needs.

Note: You cannot have the same ID for each spoiler in a page. The ID must be unique to hide one spoiler at the time.

A normal spoiler: {{SpoilerV2|ID = 1|Hi}} which results in

Toggle Spoiler

A titled spoiler: A normal spoiler: {{SpoilerV2|ID = 2|I am a title|Hi I am a test message}} which results in

Spoiler: I am a title
Toggle Spoiler
Hi I am a test message

Pokémon 3D Current Version

If you want to show the current version of P3D without having to type all the pages manually, you can do this.

{{WikiV2|version}} which results as 0.54.2