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The information about future versions of the game are taken from the launcher.

To look them up by yourself, open the launcher and click on "Future version" on top.

  • - finished feature
  • * - planned feature
Version Target date Planned content
0.24 12.02.2013


  • Fixed Pokémon overworld movement.
  • Fixed Day Care not being unique to one save file.
  • Fixed Day Care crash.
  • Fixed badge display bug.
  • Fixed blackout typo.
  • Fixed Poké Marts' GUI in different window sizes.
  • Fixed Trainer Card crash.
  • Fixed multiplayer crash regarding fainted Pokémon.
  • Fixed typo in Squirtle's name.
  • Fixed typo in Picnicker Gina's speech.
  • Fixed Chansey's evolution.
  • Fixed enemies having infinite PP.

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