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Online servers are implemented in game since 0.42.



You can connect to players from all around the world join a server or create your own to enjoy the experience of the game together. It allows you to interact with your friends. You can chat, trade and battle with each other in PVP.

Direct trading and PVP battles

Online server allows Direct trading and PVP battles.

When connected to GameJolt, there are new ways to interact with other trainers online: Direct trading and PVP battles are two unique ways to show off your Pokémon and compete with others.

Direct Trading also save time from needing to add as GameJolt friends in order to trade each other.

To Direct trade or Battle: Press Q > PSS > A > Player's name > Trade or Battle.

Where are the online server list?

The official server is " ". For alternate servers, they are over here.

What is server OP

Basically, server OP allow you to manage the server. You can change the weather, seasons, mute someone, ban someone and many more.

Server command

This list will show you what command is available to use in server. As of v0.50, OP are no longer able to do a server chat.
The person who host the server will have full access to all the command.

Please remember that the command given here are based on the newest server launcher.

Unofficial Server Launcher

Since v0.53, the unofficial server launcher have been released for beta testing.
There are quite a number of features added and it is made clear that it is not official.

Future update for this launcher could be found on the resources.

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