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Important Hack reporting INFORMATION!

Discussion in 'Hack reporting' started by nilllzz, Jun 21, 2014.

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    Before you start a thread in this forum, read this thread very carefully.

    This forum serves the purpose of reporting hackers that abuse the game's weakness to certain programs or mechanics in order to achieve certain things in the game.
    This doesn't include abusing in-game glitches like an item duplication glitch, if it can purely be done in the game itself. If you witness something like that, please report it in the Bugs forum.

    All threads you post won't count to your total post count, nor will they ever appear in public. The moderators will take care of the reports. After the issue is solved, the thread will be deleted. We do this in order to prevent "witch hunts" against the hackers that get reported, or the reporter himself/herself.

    Please consider that before posting a thread.
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