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Important How to Report a Bug - READ BEFORE POSTING

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Malcaroni, Oct 2, 2013.

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    1. Put the version number in the title (e.g. [Indev 0.54.1] Game Crashes when Holding F3 + C).

    2. This forum is for bugs reports only. Please go to Community Support if you are having trouble installing, downloading or updating the game.

    3. Attempt to use proper grammar when reporting. It is disrespectful to type in all capital letters, slang, etc.

    4. Make sure that you are running vanilla Pokémon 3D (i.e. no mods, content packs or gamemodes).

    5. Check to make sure that the bug hasn't already been reported.

    6. If the bug involves a crash report, follow the instructions below for posting a crash report.

    7. Please include the numbers of any specific pokemon involved in the bug


    8. Try to include a screenshot or video if you think it will be helpful or if you can't describe the bug with words.

    9. If your native language isn't English and your English skills are poor, feel free to post the bug in your native language. We can't promise that we'll understand it, but we can try.

    How to post a Crash Report.
    When Pokémon 3D crashes, it shows you an error message.
    After clicking "OK" in the message, navigate to the file in your "Pokemon" folder.
    You will find the crash report there.
    You can open it and read about the error in detail. It should look similar to this:
    Post the crash report in the follow format:

    If your bug report targets the launcher or server application, please post the bug here: Server and Launcher Bugs.
    That forum contains all bugs regarding those two applications.

    Credit to Daniel and Nils as I used their old posts to write this. Tornado went back and made this post relevant again!
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