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New Community Event: Never Have I Ever: Pokémon 3D Edition!

Discussion in 'General' started by SonioExpert46, Mar 4, 2018.

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    Jun 18, 2013
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    Introducing Never Have I Ever: Pokémon 3D Edition!
    Created from the pure boredom of my mind, this is an extremely fun, easy, and rewarding event! If you've never played the original game before, this is how it works:​

    1. Everyone starts out in a straight line, with the goal being to reach the end.
    2. A random person will be chosen to start off the game.
    3. They'll type in the chat "Never have I ever...", and then proceed to say something they've never done.
    4. If you've never done what that person did, move forward one step.
    5. If you have done what that person did, stay where you are.
    6. The person left of you will go next, and then loop back around once it reaches the last person in line.
    7. Continue this process until someone reaches the end!
    8. If 2 or more people reach the end at the same time, we'll do another round, but it'll be much shorter.

    The winner will receive a random Pokémon! Don't worry, they're valuable (Definitely not hiding 20+ Eevees in my PC).

    Misc Details
    • As for Rules, there's not much to it. No Pokémon required, which already makes everything easier.
    • This event will be hosted on the Official Server, which you have the IP for by default upon logging in Online.
    • The location as to where this event will take place will be decided by me, and I'll reply to this post whenever the event goes live/ends. It'll happen whenever I feel like hosting it, which will luckily be more than often.
    • Once an event starts, you can't enter in the middle of it, so better wait next time. You're free to standby and watch, however.
    • If the Official Server goes down (which is more often than not) and Tornado is not Online to press the big red button to fix it, we'll revert to the FlipSide's server, whose IP is fiedler.uni.cx:15124. It's up 24/7, but a bit laggy.
    • If you win, you'll have to add me as a friend on GameJolt. From there, you can either ask for a direct trade from the server or send you the Pokemon via the GTS.
    • If you have any suggestions on improving this event, feel free to suggest.

    Currently no event is taking place. The one that took place today was cancelled because of too many inconvenient issues (server/internet going down multiple times). Next one will open up in New Bark Town on Friday, 12:00 MDT Time
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2018

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