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Crash [Indev 0.54.1] Global Trade Station Name Retrieval Crash

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Tornado9797, May 17, 2017.

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    Dec 28, 2012
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    Tornado9797 7979odanroT
    While trying to send a winner from my lottery their reward, my game began doing strange things when the friend list came up. This crash is very inconsistent and my depend on the server and/or user connection.

    What I expected to happen:
    For the game to successfully retrieve all of the names associated with my GameJolt account's friend list, allowing me to pick the correct one.

    What actually happened:
    A few seconds after attempting to load the name list, the whole screen went white, and crashed shortly afterwards.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Ensure that you're logged into GameJolt.
    2. Attempt to build a private trade in the GTS with someone on your friends list.
    3. There's a chance that this crash will occur.

    (Add a crash log here if available and enclose it in the code tag with this button: [​IMG] )
    Kolben Games Crash Log V 2.4
    Pokémon 3D has crashed!
    // Minecraft crashed.
    Game information:
    Pokémon 3D Indev version: 0.54.1 (92)
    Content Packs: {}
    Active GameMode: Pokemon 3D
    GameJolt Account: TRUE (32436)
    Playing on Servers: TRUE (AGN Pokemon 3D Server/p3d.aggressivegaming.org:15124)
    Game Environment: GTSEditTradeScreen
    Actionscript: No script running
    File Validation: True
    Sandboxmode: False
    Screen state for the current screen (GTSEditTradeScreen)
    Screen state not implemented for screen class: GTSEditTradeScreen
    System specifications:
    Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro [6.2.9200.0]
    Core architecture: 64 Bit
    System time: 05/16/2017 11:49:58 AM
    System language: English (United States)(ENU) / Loaded game language: en
    Decimal separator: .
    Available physical memory: 7.84 Gigabyte
    Available logical processors: 8
    .Net installation information:
    v2.0.50727  2.0.50727.4927  SP2
    v3.0  3.0.30729.4926  SP2
    v3.5  3.5.30729.4926  SP1
      Client  4.7.02046
      Full  4.7.02046
    Graphics Card information:
    [CardName(s): "NVIDIA Quadro M1000M; Intel(R) HD Graphics 530"]
    [CardRAM(s) : "2147483648; 1073741824"]
    Error information:
    Message: The given key was not present in the dictionary.
    InnerException: NOTHING
    BaseException: The given key was not present in the dictionary.
    HelpLink: No helplink available.
    Data: Items: 0
    Source: mscorlib
    Win32 Errorcode: -1
    Error solution:
    (The provided solution might not work for your problem)
    Error ID: -1
    Error Type: NaN
    Error Description: The error is undocumented in the error handling system.
    Error Solution: NaN
       at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowKeyNotFoundException()
       at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.get_Item(TKey key)
       at OpenTK.Graphics.GraphicsContext.get_CurrentContext()
       at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.OpenTKGameWindow.UpdateWindowState()
       at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.OpenTKGameWindow.ProcessEvents()
       at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.OpenTKGamePlatform.RunLoop()
       at ‭‬‏‪‬‬‍‍‭‏‎‮‪‌‭‭‎‌‪‎‫‪‌‎‭‏‮.‮‍‪‬‪‏‬‫‬‪‎‌‏‏‭‎‪‮‍‪‫‮(String[] )
    Enviornment dump:
       Private ‪‬‬‍‏‮‪‎‫‍‌‍‌‪‬‮‎‪‭‮‬‌‪‮ As ‫‍‭‪‏‪‭‪‍‎‪‭‬‮‬‬‭‪‌‫‬‬‏‭‮ = ‫‍‭‪‏‪‭‪‍‎‪‭‬‮‬‬‭‪‌‫‬‬‏‭‮
       Private ‬‬‮‏‬‏‪‪‌‍‎‏‫‏‌‭‫‎‮ As Boolean = True
       Private ‎‏‮‏‪‏‬‮‌‌‫‏‍‫‌‪‍‍‫‬‮ As ‎‌‮‏‬‍‭‎‭‎‍‮‪‌‮‌‌‮‪‎‫‬‮ = ‎‌‮‏‬‍‭‎‭‎‍‮‪‌‮‌‌‮‪‎‫‬‮
       Private ‪‬‫‮‫‪‪‍‏‮‬‪‬‎‫‎‭‮‮‭‎‍‬‏‏‬‬‮ As ‪‌‭‪‎‎‮‪‭‌‫‬‎‫‍‍‮‍‫‌‮‎‏‬‮ = Nothing
       Private ‍‬‏‏‮‮‪‭‪‍‪‪‌‎‭‌‭‏‪‮‌‏‮‌‏‮ As ‪‎‪‍‏‍‎‎‭‌‎‫‬‏‎‍‭‍‍‪‬‬‪‪‮ = Nothing
       Private ‏‌‏‮‎‎‫‬‪‍‮‏‫‬‎‫‎‪‏‬‏‮ As Int32 = 0
       Private ‌‎‮‎‏‭‫‌‮‮‎‍‫‌‌‌‏‮‍‏‮ As String = 1
       Private ‎‍‫‏‮‫‎‎‬‍‏‬‍‫‎‪‏‎‏‪‪‪‮ As Boolean = False
       Private ‍‮‫‬‏‫‌‪‬‌‮‭‫‬‮‪‮ As Boolean = False
       Private ‪‭‭‎‬‫‮‬‏‬‬‪‌‌‍‭‎‫‮‮ As Int32 = 5
       Private ‪‍‫‪‎‭‮‌‎‫‌‌‏‮‌‍‮‮‪‍‍‏‪‮ As ‪‎‪‍‏‍‎‎‭‌‎‫‬‏‎‍‭‍‍‪‬‬‪‪‮ = Nothing
       Public ‫‍‎‬‏‬‫‏‍‮‫‬‮‬‎‍‌‪‪‏‭‏‮ As Boolean = False
       Public ‌‌‮‬‏‍‏‎‎‭‌‫‭‌‌‎‎‪‪‮‎‮ As Boolean = False
    You should report this error.
    Go to "http://pokemon3d.net/forum/forums/6/create-thread" to report this crash there.
  2. jianmingyong

    jianmingyong Guest

    Yep a bad luck crash. Race condition to be fixed.

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