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    "Why?" you might ask. We have unfortunatly lost interest in continuing development on Pokémon 3D. Also Nintento of America Inc. sent a DMCA takedown notice to Gamejolt (where this game was hosted) and asked them to remove all games related to Nintendo's work. Read the full DMCA here.

    But you can still download the latest version of the game here!

Game Pokémon 3D Version Indev 0.54.1

Discussion in 'Game and Website News' started by Tornado9797, Feb 16, 2017.

  • by Tornado9797, Feb 16, 2017 at 10:59 PM
  • Tornado9797

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    Pokémon 3D Indev 0.54.1 is now live!


    The Spring Cleaning Update is here!
    Although there isn't anything new plot wise in this version, we took it upon ourselves to smash some of the long standing bugs with the game, alongside several other minor improvements for better gameplay.

    You can get the latest version of the launcher from the main forum: http://pokemon3d.net/forum/news/; just hit the big green download button and you’re all set!

    Some of the more prominent changes include:

    • Add a temporary shop to the Battle Frontier.
    • Implemented a save corruption prevention feature.
    • Implemented the EV-enhancing items (you can get these from the new shop)
    • Implemented bubble weather in wild battles.
    • Tornado9797 can now be battled in Kolben Tower.
    • Pichu can now learn Volt Tackle as an Egg move, assuming all of the proper conditions are met.
    • Added “Drain Punch” TM.
    • Fixed a crash caused by interacting with the trainers on Memorial Pillar.
    • Fixed major slowdown in maps that used offset battle maps, such as Underwater Cave.
    • Added the ability to move in the Y axis in Sandbox Mode (you can do that by holding “Alt + Ctrl” while moving)
    • All party Pokémon can use all field moves in Sandbox Mode.
    • Changed the way hall of fame entries are stored (this will reduce the save file size dramatically).
    • The Hall of Fame screen will now only show up to 20 recent entries, plus the very first entry.
    • Some new GameMode features, including @music.forceplay, @Pokemon.AddSteps, @Pokemon.SetSteps, and more.
    • ...and over 50 bug fixes!
    A full list of changes can be found here: http://pokemon3d.net/forum/redirect/?to=aHR0cHM6Ly9naXRodWIuY29tL1AzRC1MZWdhY3kvUDNELUxlZ2FjeS9yZWxlYXNlcw%3D%3D

    OpenAL Installer for Windows: https://www.openal.org/downloads/oalinst.zip
    .NET Framework: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=780601

    As always, if you find a bug with the game, please report it here: http://pokemon3d.net/forum/forums/6/.

    Thank you for being patient with us, the next update will hopefully be very story based!

    - Tornado9797

    // The Pokémon 3D Team
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Discussion in 'Game and Website News' started by Tornado9797, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. jianmingyong
    XNA have been updated with rather small patch to fix some critical issues. Mainly FPS and some miscellaneous typos when porting MonoGame to XNA. While they are not really game breaking, it is still annoying to play something that doesn't go on par with v0.53.3.

    Your wait is now over, with the revised XNA v0.54.1, offset map event leaks are fixed. Players should be able to play smoothly without getting too lag caused by offset map.

    The folder name have been renamed to conform with the launcher requirements. Launcher do not officially support XNA. However you may actually trick the launcher to run XNA version by creating a new profile and place the file into the respective folders.

    Those with XNA might want to redownload again to apply these wonderful fixes.

    Have fun!
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  2. jianmingyong
    XNA have been updated again with rather critical bug fix due to the problems with PvP as I forget to remove one critical stuff in the gameplay.
    To get this fix, redownload the XNA binaries again and you should be good to go!
  3. helloseahorsse
    Hello, i can't download the last update, when thedownload is in 27mb she stop it and don't download more, you can upload the folder of the game to mf or mega? I've try it 5 times, im sorry about my dialect,im from L.A, Venezuela, thanks i really wanna play this awesome project

    Please help!
  4. Tornado9797
    Try the following:
    1. Remove all components of the game and download the launcher again
    2. Ensure that you have all of the necessary requirements.
    3. Ensure that your antivirus is not blocking the program in any way.

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