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  2. We, the pokemon3d.net staff, has from now (2016-09-02) discontinued work on this project and handed it over to a group of volunteers on Github. The project will be open source, and you can help develop it from now on. Check out the repo here.

    "Why?" you might ask. We have unfortunatly lost interest in continuing development on Pokémon 3D. Also Nintento of America Inc. sent a DMCA takedown notice to Gamejolt (where this game was hosted) and asked them to remove all games related to Nintendo's work. Read the full DMCA here.

    But you can still download the latest version of the game here!

Game Pokémon3D Version 0.54

Discussion in 'Game and Website News' started by Darkfire, Dec 9, 2016.

  • by Darkfire, Dec 9, 2016 at 2:35 AM
  • Darkfire

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    Download here!
    OpenAL is now required to play the game:

    After more than three months working on it and almost two years since the last major Pokémon3D update, we, the Pokémon3D Team, proudly announce the release of Pokémon3D Indev 0.54!

    Here is an abridged list of what has been changed:

    You can now choose which Pokémon to switch in after one of yours faints
    Mega Evolution system (requires a Mega Ring which is currently unavailable)
    Roaming Pokémon indicators on the world map
    Several new Attacks, Pokémon, Abilities, and Items
    Upgraded the battle system to Generation 6 mechanics
    Several new map and script features
    Ctrl + X = Cut in the chat
    Fixezzzz fo dayzzzzz brah!

    Complete Five Island
    Six Island Town
    A new Pokémon3D-Original area!!
    The end of the Rival story arc
    Elite Four power ups
    Various new Items and Pokémon are available

    You can find the full (highly detailed) change-log here.

    also OpenAL is now required to play the game:

    We really hope you enjoy the update, and we will be working on more updates to be released in the future.

    - Darkfire

    //The Pokémon3D Team
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Discussion in 'Game and Website News' started by Darkfire, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. Tornado9797
    That depends... is an update to your Epic Music pack confirmed?
  2. SViper
  3. Narx221
    Finally i haven't left the dev group i'll working on sprites and textures
  4. SViper
    New Pokémon 3D Launcher is here and it's multi-language. If you wanna add your language or polish existing translations, you can help with that here.
  5. Takuchen
    Is a activ server up to 0.54 ?
  6. SViper
    Really!? p3d.aggressivegaming.org
  7. Fanta
    currently this is the most active one, but remember just like yourself, when people see 0 players, they don't usually join, you gotta be the fisrt one and people will soon follow.

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