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Website Updated Website

Discussion in 'Game and Website News' started by Daniel 'RTRD', Feb 1, 2013.

  • by Daniel 'RTRD', Feb 1, 2013 at 11:52 PM
  • Daniel 'RTRD'

    Daniel 'RTRD' Webmaster

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    Dec 7, 2012
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    Oslo, Norway
    I have now taken my time to update the website. It should be easier to follow the news on the game as well as the website.

    New features:
    • You can now comment on news we post here
    • Facebook page on homepage
    • Twitter feed from nilllzz on homepage
    • You will get the donator ribbon automatically when donating (I had to do it manually before)
    • Changes to the quote
    • Added a download button on the homepage
    • Added a countdown to next update on homepage
    Problems that might occur:
    • Links not working
    • Linking to wrong page
    • Some design problems on the homepage
    • Email conformation mails does not work. Easy fix: Resend the email
    If there is any other problems let me know via the Website Feedback forum. And remember to Daniel 'RTRD'
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Discussion in 'Game and Website News' started by Daniel 'RTRD', Feb 1, 2013.

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  1. Orion
    Great job! :D Now the home looks awesome! :)
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  2. kingofgames
    I'm going to be "that guy" and say that I liked it before.(I'm so dead for saying this)
  3. Daniel 'RTRD'
    Thanks! :)
  4. Daniel 'RTRD'
    So it was better before? :confused:
  5. kingofgames
    Well kind yeah it was simple elegant and made people thinking wow these guys are pro's there not messing around. Maybe you could combine that with the newer one with more info. I do like the quick assess to info though.Most people desire simple elegance that's why macs got popular.
  6. Daniel 'RTRD'
    I kinda agree. But there was a lot of people that did not understand how to find news and other stuff. I could look into adding the slider again at the top of the current homepage.
  7. kingofgames
    Yeah that would work or a separate news tab.
  8. Daniel 'RTRD'
    That would work too!
  9. Orion

    You can add the slider instead of the word "Pokémon 3D" between the black bar and the buttons "Home, Forums, Screenshots, etc..", and add a new image to the slide with the "Pokémon 3D" logo! :D
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  10. Daniel 'RTRD'
    Where? :p
  11. kingofgames
    I think he means by the tabs at the top but I'm not sure.
  12. Orion
    Here: [​IMG]
    Obviously bigger than that! :)
  13. Daniel 'RTRD'
  14. Orion
    It's an idea for find a place to the old slider! :) And should be added another image to the slider with the Pokémon 3D logo of course! :D
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