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All GameMode Suggestions list for future

Discussion in 'Suggestions/Feedback' started by jianmingyong, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. jianmingyong

    jianmingyong Guest

    This is just a zone to talk about wanted GameMode Features. You are welcome to post any as long as they are feasible and do not repeat from the list below:

    Already Suggested Features:
    • Game Rules:
      • Fishing Position ( while surfing / not surfing )
      • Poison Effect ( get damage per step / no damage outside battle )
      • Ability to be fainted/died by Poison Effect
      • Ability to lock the camera view
    • Main Sequence:
      • Ability to change the entire main sequence using scripts.
    • Commands / Construct / Scripts:
      • @Register.register to support Pokémon Data ( Added in v0.54 )
      • Ability to force deposit of Pokémon (Not confirmed)

    Rejected due to other reason:
    • Maps:
      • Ability to create random dungeon like mystery dungeon. ( Too tedious in 3D context ) - GameMode version for this generator is pending for development.
    • Game Engine:
      • Locking Gamemode & It's Save Files ( Nilllzz want a open source gamemode ) - You can also make a very complicated script that will make it hard to cheat.
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