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Music Pack Paper Mario Sticker Star Music Pack WIP V0.02 (Either on hold or canceled)

Discussion in 'Resource WIP' started by Sackchum342, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. Sackchum342

    Sackchum342 Guest

    From the creator of FEZ Music Pack...

    A few days after the creation known as FEZ Music Pack...

    He started to work on this piece of files because the other one went so well @_@

    Isnt this the best poem you have ever seen?
    No? Ok...
    Well any-hoo I have made a Paper Mario Sticker Star Music Pack... Well Im working on it. I got a lot of it done amazingly. I keep trying to go back to music I already put in there.
    Oh yeah! If you don't know what PMSS is Google/Bing/Yahoo/Youtube/Ebay/Amazon/AVG/Any_Other_Kind_Of_Search_Engine_Or_Site_That_Works it.

    Im just going to put imgs of the music I have in this version cause Im to lazy to fill it out my self :D

    Don't you want this pack? WELL TOO BAD!

    Actually, that would be kinda mean... Im not the mean type, and you read all the way here... (Assuming you looked at the pictures)... You know what? Go crazy!


    Happy Gaming with Paper Mario Sticker Star


    Snooping as usual I see
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  2. Sackchum342

    Sackchum342 Guest

    Paper Mario Sticker Star Music Pack V0.02 Has been released

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