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Pokémon Reorchestrated Music Pack 0.53.3+

Listen Pokémon Reorchestrated Music

  1. Pokémon Reorchestrated Music Pack 0.53.3+

    Change logo:
    • Updated New Bark Town to full version of Johto Legends.
    • Added IlexForsest, darkcave and alph songs as well as intro folder versions.
    • Added welcome song for older game versions.
  2. Pokémon Reorchestrated Music Pack 0.53.2+

    ATM only WMA version is updated, but soon/later I update MP3 version too.
    Updates/Patches will come 1-2 times per month now.

    Change logo:
    • WMA quality was raised a lot.
    • Updated New Bark Town and Johto Wild Battle with new ones from Johto Legends album.
    • Added Game Intro for version who was known as 0.54.
  3. Pokémon Reorchestrated Music Pack 0.53+

    First sorry is for update be late a bit, because I didn't wanted do any mistakes doe exhaustion from practice work.
    Second sorry is for not to do researches and add what I add in this new version for previous version.
    Next thing thanks to jianmingyong I made 2 versions of this: MP3 and WMA/XNB, because nilllzz is lazy to fix Intro Folder and Intro Songs skip for MP3 bug which one I reported ages ago.

    Update logo:

    • 4 new songs: Pallet Town, Cinnabar Island, Route Music 7 and...
  4. Pokémon Reorchestrated Music Pack 0.52.1+

    Update Logo:
    • Fixed space_legend_battle, so please delete from Intro folder space_legend_battle if you have version 0.50.1 V3.
    • Changed barktown from N Suite to New Bark Town.
    • Added support for future regions:
    Hoenn: Wild Battle, Gym Battle, Elite 4 Battle, Slateport City, Vendarturf Town, Abandoned Ship.
    Sinnoh: Twinleaf Town.​
  5. Pokémon Reorchestrated Music Pack 0.50.1 V3

    Update Logo:
    • 8 new Songs: Bark Town, Johto Team Rocket, Pokemon Flute, Pokemon Lullaby, Pokemon March, Route 1 (Route Music 10), Space Legend Battle, Trainer Encounter.
    • Changed 2 Song: Lavender Town, Surf.
    • 1 new Sound: Item Found.
    More music thanks to jianmingyong looping:
    • 9 new Songs: Johto Rival Encounter, Johto Rival Intro, Johto Team Rocket Intro, Johto Trainer Intro, Johto Wild Intro, Kanto Wild Intro, Space Legend Battle Intro, Trainer...
  6. Pokémon Reorchestrated Music Pack 0.50.1 V2

    Update Logo:
    • Add 4 more songs: Mt. Moon/Rock Tunnel/Digglet's Cave, Johto Rival, Johto Trainer, Johto Wild (same as Kanto Wild).
    • Changed song of Mt. Moon Square.
  7. Pokémon Reorchestrated Music Pack 0.50.1

    Update Logo:
    • Added 11 more Songs: Celadon City, Game Corner, Gym, Johto Elite 4 and Johto Gym Leaders (same as Kanto Gym Leaders), Oak Encounter, Team Rocket Hideout, Ride, Show Me Around, Surf, Title.
  8. 0.46

    Update Logo:
    Add mtmoonsq,
    Add viridian_forest.

    Please delete 0.44.2 - 0.45.1 PRMP from ContentPacks to avoid Crashes.
  9. Pokémon Reorchestrated Music Pack

    Update Log:
    Add SS Aqua,
    Better quality of Johto Champion Battle (bit rate from 192kbps to 231kbps),
    Add Oak's Research Lab,
    Add Cerulean City.