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RandomLocke 1.0 0.53.1

Catch any* Pokemon, anywhere**!!!!!!

  1. Darkfire
    Ever wanted to find a slugma in the middle of Route 40?
    or a feebas on Route 33?
    or maybe even a Mewtwo as the first pokemon you encounter on Route 29?

    Well with RandomLocke you can do the first two!
    Any* Pokemon in any** location!
    * Legendary pokemon and Unown excluded
    ** Ruins of Alph excluded

    Also nuzlocke rules are enforced:
    • One pokemon per location
    • a pokemon faints - it is dead
    • pokemon must be renamed
    • difficulty is locked at hard
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  1. Long Time No See

Recent Reviews

  1. XoPoliloloX
    Version: 0.53.1
    i have no random locke -.- i have download it and open but no randomize -.-
  2. Filipe Feitosa
    Filipe Feitosa
    Version: 0.53.1
    Is Good.
  3. Z0MB13-M00S3
    Version: 0.42
    Great Nuzlocke mode and I love having the randomizer on
  4. MichaelX2X
    Version: 0.42
    Thanks to you im getting my first nuzlocke randomizer (ever) on 3d! Great job :)
  5. flammetoon
    Version: 0.42
    very good