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(Modification) Choose Your Own Starter 2015-10-25

Choose Your Own Starter PKMN

  1. Dragonwinged
    This simple save file has been set up so that you can choose your own starter pokemon. please note, the rival will always have totodile if you use this save file. copy the contents to Pokemon 3d<Pokémon<Save, then change the file name to whatever you want to name your avatar.

    Please read the README file carefully, as the save will not operate as is.

    Let be more clear about this. this allows you to choose any implemented pokemon by entering its pokedex number into the Party.DAT file. I suggest choosing only first form or uniform pokemon if you're planning on playing the game this way.
    First Test Shots.

Recent Reviews

  1. Videocheese
    Version: 2015-10-25
    It's okay but if I didn't have prior knowledge on similar stuff it would've been near impossible but it did what it said it would despite difficulty
  2. Gematria
    Version: 2015-10-25
    All the download is, is a template that YOU have to customize using script in order to add Pokemon to your lineup. It has a very lackluster tutorial on how to implement this Resource, and it's VERY easy to mess up, especially with no disclaimer, which should be there to tell you to be cautious. This should've honestly just have been a thread with the customisable template.