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NostagicG4MER's Retexture Pack 0.12

This is a texture pack that redesigns the original textures faithfully.

  1. NostalgicG4MER
    This is a texture pack that redesigns the original textures while trying to keep the original feel of the game. I made it because I love the original textures, but on 3D they just didn't work for me. It is still in development.

    Please leave any suggestion you may have. Thanks for your time!

    To do:
    - Redesign a LOT of textures.
    - Re-redesign the brick textures, they're not convincing.


    1. 2014-11-07_11.47.41.png
    2. 2014-11-07_11.48.05.png
    3. 2014-11-07_11.50.52.png
    4. 2014-11-07_11.51.21.png
    5. 2014-11-07_11.51.42.png

Recent Updates

  1. 0.12
  2. 0.11

Recent Reviews

  1. Raylan
    Version: 0.12
  2. Himmelsdieb
    Version: 0.12
  3. Zalgo
    Version: 0.11
    I tried installing this and it had no effect on the game
    1. NostalgicG4MER
      Author's Response
      Huh? You only need to extract the folder inside the .zip file and put it inside the ContentPacks folder. Then go to the game and enable it. Why give me one star? :'(
  4. shadowexcalibur
    Version: 0.1
    I totally agree that the original textures were hard on the eyes. This texture pack is great!
    1. NostalgicG4MER
      Author's Response
      Thank you!