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1 Year Later 3D 0.12

Discover The events One Year Ago!

  1. Noel battle bug fix

    Shou Liengod
  2. Bug Fix & Balance Update

    Shou Liengod
    as the title has stated, Bugs that has been earthed are now fixed!
    including some much needed stat adjustments throughout the database. which battles became a bit relaxed, but still will kick your rear if your not careful! > --<

    I also added the installers that are required to play 1YL3D,such as XNA Framework, which have been removed on the main website...
    I even created an original Shortcut image so you wont get confused with your own Pokemon 3D game ^ -^
    like always, place your save files...
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  3. Final Update for 0.11, Road to 0.20!

    Shou Liengod
    Everything is all set! now to work on Chapter 2!

    • Edited Evelia and Van in appearance, stats, and move sets
    • Edited Fallen Ho-Oh
    • made sure Harmonia is overpowered to ensure a defeat
    • 1/4 chance in receiving help from the Nurses in the Pokemon Centers
    • Added a Pokedoller item in Route 30
    • Fixed some battle maps that has a random weather effect such as snow
    • removed PokeDolls from all the shops. it was proved to be gamebreaking in certain bosses
  4. Optional Cutscene, File size, and fixed more stuff

    Shou Liengod
    • Added the dream about Noel in your room after defeating Eliza the first time
    • Size of the gamemode has been drastically reduced for easier downloads
    • change script for Elder, he can now heal you after defeating him. a good place to train
    • changed exp values for certain pokemon such as bellsprout
    • added more Pokedollars around johto. should help with money troubles

    Let me know if you have any ideas that would benefit the Gamemode :3
  5. Quick Update

    Shou Liengod
    Very sudden, but it had to be done!
    • Evelia and Van now receives a slight boost in stats on what they major in. such as Van raises Atk, SAtk, and Spd while Evelia raise Hp, Def, and SDef
    • Fixed the skies a bit more
    • Alexis, Noel, Reina, and Eliza's Sprites have been fused with the detailed sprites
    • Pokemon that are 1% chance to encounter are now corrected. Croagunk as an example was found more frequently in route 46 when its supposed to be a rare encounter. this applies to...
  6. Difficulty Relaxed, Dialogue Changes, Bugs fixed, Lack of Tools

    Shou Liengod
    This update is the Preparation of Version 0.20

    Due to the fact that most files are now unobtainable by the previous computer being busted, This update was worked again and needed to drop the promised Detailed Sprites due to this fact.

    it is a shame and really does not want to make those sprites again....
    however, everything that was promised is in this update. its a much better improvement for newcomers and regulars of this Gamemode.

    This time the Files are Standalone, so it...
  7. Falkner

    Shou Liengod
    its a pretty decent update, but it may be the last for a long time. i dont know for how long, because i am focused on making the new project. this update fixes certain things and added a new scene with Falkner.

    I hope this update will help you, but as of now... 1YL3D may not continue until further notice.
    trust me, i want to finish this game, but i have no motivation from it and cant continue. work, family, and lots of other things are getting in the way. which becomes impossible to...
  8. Prep work for version 0.11

    Shou Liengod
    This update fixes varies bugs and other issues regarding the "Goldenrod Access" glitch found when using Escape Rope. I also reworded more dialogues with proper speech patterns regarding to each character. most noticeable is meeting Prof. Elm for the first time. (which was 100% reworded)

    other changes were small but doesnt affect much of the game. hope the update addresses the few major issues addressed.

    • Prof. Elm Dialogue reworded
    • Noel Dialogue...
  9. Van or Evelia?

    Shou Liengod
    Title says it all, i made a way so that now you can have a choice to choose between Van or Evelia at the very beginning of the game.
    its not just for appearance either, theres a notable difference between the two. while Evelia was a test dummy in terms of Defense. which played out pretty well.
    so heres this!
    You can now choose either Van or Evelia....
  10. Eliza Dialogue and Poke Encounters

    Shou Liengod
    Few more script changes and dialogue fixes.
    notable change is Eliza's Dialogue. hope its a much better fit.

    also few pokemon encounters has been taken away, so no issues on the later areas.

    but other then these, not much of an update.