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  2. We, the pokemon3d.net staff, has from now (2016-09-02) discontinued work on this project and handed it over to a group of volunteers on Github. The project will be open source, and you can help develop it from now on. Check out the repo here.

    "Why?" you might ask. We have unfortunatly lost interest in continuing development on Pokémon 3D. Also Nintento of America Inc. sent a DMCA takedown notice to Gamejolt (where this game was hosted) and asked them to remove all games related to Nintendo's work. Read the full DMCA here.

    But you can still download the latest version of the game here!

Where is the Bicycle?

To save time and resources, the Pokémon 3D team decided that, instead of somehow incorporating a bicycle mounting skin for every single skin ever uploaded, we instead decided that you will ride your Pokémon, which still has the same effect as riding a bicycle. Most starter Pokémon and several others can learn the move Ride. It is still found in the same location in Johto's Goldenrod City (except that it is now a Ride Shop instead of a Bike Shop).

In the future the Pokémon 3D may incorporate Bicycles, but not now, especially during its early stages.
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Sep 23, 2014
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