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How do you Trade/Battle on an Online/Offline save?

In Pokémon 3D, there are several different ways to battle or trade. All methods of doing so come from the many options of the PokéGear the player receives at the beginning of the game. By default, it can be accessed by pressing Q.

Important: Online save can batte/trade with other Online saves and Offline save can battle/trade with another Offline saves, however, Online and Offline saves cannot directly battle/trade each other.

The Player Search System is the default method of directly trading to or battling another player. To operate, choose the PSS option. Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to scroll between the Global Ranklist, the player's Friends List, and a list of all players currently on the server the player is currently on (blank if playing Locally). When a player is selected, Options of choosing Battle or Trade appear. From there, two players can directly battle and/or trade each other. This only works if both of the players are on the same server, and are of the same save file type (Online/Offline).

The BattleSpot option is an alternate method of battle. This option allows the player to battle a predefined team set online by other players. The battle is carried out with that team, but it is controlled by a computer AI.

The Global Trade Station option provides an alternate means of trading. From the main menu, it is possible to retrieve Pokémon from the player's Inbox, where all player-sent Pokémon will arrive. The Search option allows the player to look up any Pokémon and see possible trade conditions for it, Public for any player in world, Private for players in the Friends List. The Setup option allows the player to send a Pokémon from their party to the public domain, or privately to another player in their Friends List. Set the request to nothing to gift a Pokémon to a specific player.

The WonderTrade option is yet another way to trade. This option allows players to trade Pokémon for another one without even knowing what he or she is going to get. This means that using Wonder Trade is both an advantage and a risk.
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Aug 28, 2014
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