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How can I host an Online CO-OP Server with portforwarding?

  1. Static IP
    1. Download Portforward software
      View attachment 3
    2. Set your computer to static IP
      View attachment 4
    3. Check your LAN IP and write it down
      View attachment 9
    4. Check your routers IP and write it down
      View attachment 6
  2. Portforwarding
    1. Open your internet browser
    2. Go to your routers IP address
    3. Find your router here
    4. Add six new rules, make sure both UDP and TCP are selected. For each of these rules, set Forward to the IP of your computer that you found in step 1.3
      1. Port 15124
    5. Restart your router. Either pull out the power cable and plug in in again or click the restart button found in the web control panel.
  3. Gaming
    1. Find your external IP address found at whatismyip.com.
      View attachment 7
    2. Start Pokemon 3D
    3. Click on the computer in your room or in a Poke Center
    4. Click "Host"
    5. Share your external IP with your friend
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Feb 9, 2013
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