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  2. We, the pokemon3d.net staff, has from now (2016-09-02) discontinued work on this project and handed it over to a group of volunteers on Github. The project will be open source, and you can help develop it from now on. Check out the repo here.

    "Why?" you might ask. We have unfortunatly lost interest in continuing development on Pokémon 3D. Also Nintento of America Inc. sent a DMCA takedown notice to Gamejolt (where this game was hosted) and asked them to remove all games related to Nintendo's work. Read the full DMCA here.

    But you can still download the latest version of the game here!

How to download and start up the game?

In order to play Pokémon3D, you need to download a launcher for the game.
The launcher is a program that displays news and keeps your game up to date.
Also, you have to start the game with the launcher, that's why it is called like that.

1. To get the launcher, click on "Download" in the nav-bar of the forum and download the top most file from the list.
2. You can place it anywhere, for example in your documents folder or on your desktop.
3. Once you've done that, start up the launcher. An interface should appear, that leaves you with two options:
"Start game" and "Download latest version".
4. When it is the first time for you playing the game, click "Download latest game" and click "Download" again.
5. Wait for the launcher to download and install the game for you.
6. Once that is done, the program will message you that it is done and you will be back at the start, but you can press the "Start game" button above the "Download latest version" button now.
7. Do exactly that.
8. Now, the launcher should close and the game should start up with the Kolben Games splash screen. This is the time where the game loads the basic assets. Wait a few seconds and the game will bring up the main menu.

Later, when you want to replay the game, just start up the launcher and click "Start game" right away. You don't have to download the game again.

- The launcher creates a folder called "Pokemon" in the place it is executed. Don't move that folder somewhere else because it is containing the game's files
- When an update arrives, the launcher will notify you by default. You will have to download the latest update in order to play online. You won't loose your save states by updating your game.
- You can change the launcher's settings by clicking "Settings" below the "Download latest version" button.
Aug 7, 2013
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