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Ban lists: Questions and Answers

Since we got reports of people cheating points, ranks and Pokémon/Items for online gameplay, we are introducing Ban Lists for Pokémon 3D.

Ban lists work in a way that you can’t interact with other people anymore when we find out that you cheated. It’s just that this advances the experience for other players when no cheaters are around.

We can easily detect cheaters by points upload history or illegal Pokémon level - move combination and so on.


Q: What does it mean to get banned?

A: It just means that you cannot update your points/rank anymore or trade with other people. You won’t be able to use other online features, too. You will still be able to play your online save though. Your rank will change to “Lonely".​

Q: Can I get unbanned?

A: If you think you got banned for no reason, consider to PM one of the Admins (including me) on the forums. We will treat you nicely and try to do our bests if you got banned for no reason.​

Q: Do I have a second chance?

A: No. When you are banned for a reason, we won’t unban you.​

Q: How are you banning cheaters?

A: We are manually banning accounts of possible cheaters. We are not using a bot to do that. We are also examining the actions the player did on this profile.​

Q: Why are you doing all this?

A: It can get quite annoying for some players if cheaters are around. They can destroy the experience a player makes in the game. So we decided to ban cheaters. (Seems like a pretty good reason :D

Q: Can I change my username on GameJolt to unban myself?

A: No.​
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Aug 5, 2013
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