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Pokémon 3D

by nilllzz at 8:22 PM
(1,823 Views / 3 Likes)
Hello there,

with the release of Pokémon3D version 0.50 we (mainly Darkfire) came up with a few question we were asking ourselves about you - those who play Pokémon3D!

So we got together and compiled a little survey about Pokémon3D, how you found the game, how often you play and so on.

You can participate in the survey here: Survey link

We won’t publish single result, but we might show off all combined results. So only participate if you are ok with that.

Thank you so much for playing and looking into this.

//The Pokémon3D Team
by Darkfire at 3:12 PM
(8,302 Views / 5 Likes)
Yeah so, it’s finally here: 1545 files edited, over 10 thousand line changes since 0.49: We have been busy.

The entire Servers backend has been redone, and it’s buggier than ever. But we don’t want you to wait even longer for the 0.50 version of Pokémon3D, so now we are going to release it. Here is the entire changelog:

Game Changes:

  • Completely new server infrastructure
  • Removed old Move System and replaced it with the new one. This allowed for custom GameMode moves.
  • Added a few more moves
  • Lots of internal rewrites and code cleanup
Story Changes:

  • Ancient Ruins and Millenial Star Tower (Original areas)
  • Completed Route 14
  • Added Routes 15-19
  • Fuchsia City + Gym and badge

  • Significant number gen 3+ Pokémon
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Added some bugs
The update will be distributed through the game’s launcher shortly - also...
by nilllzz at 8:09 PM
(1,456 Views / 2 Likes)
Hello there, today at midnight (or around that time), I will start streaming Pokémon3D development for 3 hours on my Twitch channel.
Then, it's LudumDare time. For those who don't know what LudumDare is, you have to make a game in a set amount of time (48 hours) from scratch.
More information on that here.

If you want to watch he do any of that, here's your chance to do that: My twitch channel.

Have fun, cya around there.

- nilllzz
by Darkfire at 12:10 AM
(3,902 Views / 7 Likes)
Today is the second anniversary of Nilllzz's first release.
So much has happened in that time and we all just want to take sometime to thank all of you who have supported us over the last two years!

Now what you really want to hear:
After alot of delays because Nilllzz's RL got complicated, 0.50 is almost ready!
We were hoping to have it ready for today but a number of bugs with the new server program prevented that from happening.
Lets just say that when having the game d/c is a good thing that probably means it isnt ready :p
This delay has given me time to get alot of future content prepared!
This means that the story content for 0.50 will also include all of the stuff that was originally going to be in 0.51, and 0.51 should come shorty after with what was going to be originally 0.52 and 0.53!
So look forward to that!

Anyways thanks again for your support, we really appreciate it!
by Darkfire at 12:09 PM
(1,937 Views / 4 Likes)
As many of you noticed, yesterday we had some minor issues with the DNS which have now been resolved. Hopefully no one was too inconvenienced ;)

We attribute this problem to Hippo stepping down as Global Moderator...
When something that big is removed from any system something has to go wrong....

So while we find a galactic-scale retirement home for him I would like to inform you of two staffing changes!

We have promoted @Tornado9797 from a regular moderator to being a Global Moderator.

To fill his spot as Trade forums Moderator we have chosen @Fanta

Treat them well please :D