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Pokémon 3D

by nilllzz at 12:58 AM
(1,933 Views / 12 Likes)
The new update (version 0.17) for Pokémon3D is there! It contains more gameplay enhancements and new features. Also, many bugs are fixed again and some new areas are added.
To get the new update, simply open the launcher and click “Download latest version”.
Here is the full list of changes:
  • You can stop evolutions
  • rename Pokémon
  • new Pokémon: Hoppip
  • Achievements
  • Auto camera align while talking
  • finished Kurts Apricorn interface
  • new map: Sprout Tower
  • Sudowoodo on Route 36
  • Mystery egg and Pokédex
  • Trainer battles
  • Youngster Joey on Route 30
  • Camera and scriptblocks bugs fixed
  • fixed: do not obtain the Mystery Egg/Pokédex
  • fixed: sounds don’t mute when pressing the M key.
  • fixed: music keeps getting quieter when pressing escape key twice.
  • fixed: no sound for healing machine in Prof. Elms lab.
  • fixed: almost no female Pokémon.
Also, the story...
Screenshot (3).png
by nilllzz at 8:46 PM
(5,026 Views / 18 Likes)
OK so I decided to throw in some kind of MapMaker for Pokémon3D.
I will post some progress and screenshots here.
So yea.
Here are two screens:

First image. The test map.
Screenshot (4).png
Violet City loaded into the level editor.
by nilllzz at 7:49 PM
(2,929 Views / 8 Likes)
  • New maps:
    • Route 46
    • Route 37
    • Gate between Route 29 and 46
    • Mr. Pokémons house
    • Violet Gym
    • Violet Center
    • Violet Mart
  • Kakuna + Rattata can evolve now
  • Weather enhancements + new particle animations (see screenshot above)
  • Wild Pokémon on Route 30
  • Sounds:
    • Battle music
    • Gym music
    • Cave music
    • New sounds
  • Repel items
  • See hold items in storage system
  • Get transported to latest Pokécenter after being defeated (violet center is not working with this mechanic)
  • Status fall/rise animations in battles
  • Key rebinding
  • Lots and lots of fixes. For example:
    • Battle enter crash
    • Plant apricorn crash
    • Glitch out of map
    • Loose Pokémon when shutting down PC
    • And a lot more!